How Mother-of-8 Angie Renick-Hayes Naturally Healed
Herself of Cancer & Built a Biz
That Works for Her Family

angie-1“Ialways believed that I was meant for an epic life. It’s is why against all ‘normal’ thinking we chose to adopt 5 siblings, doubling our family overnight.”

Like so many women entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, Angie Renick-Hayes never envisioned herself having a “normal” life. She followed her passion around the world, found and married the man of her dreams and started the epic family she always wanted.

“I have always gone after the things that were alive in my heart, KNOWING that they were meant to be. But money was the one thing that I wasn’t entirely sure was ‘meant to be.’ I knew that we would always get by—which of course was the very thinking that had me just getting by.”

Without a formal degree, Angie had been told her whole life that financial freedom simply wasn’t for her. However this wouldn’t be the first time she defied the odds in life to create a major transformation. After giving birth to her third child at 28, Angie was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

“I let myself go into the sheer terror for about 3 minutes and then some part of me whispered that this was a brilliant sign from my body that there had to be another way. So I began to listen deeply and take action in a way that felt good and supportive to my body and soul—despite many traditional doctors suggesting all sorts of aggressive procedures.”

angie-2Angie took her health into her own hands. Within weeks she healed her body through food, cleansing, meditation and radical self-care. Doctors called her recovery a “medical miracle” and she was even invited to share her story with the board of a major university.

By listening to her intuition, Angie transformed her body from the inside out, giving her a sense of her own power. In her heart, she knew there had to be another way to have an impact in the world, support her family and live in abundance without debt.

“I knew that I had so many skills and talents to offer, but I really had no idea how I could monetize them. I thought success was only reserved for people who work really hard and have no family life—something I was so unwilling to compromise.”

While caring for her family of ten, Angie had worked as a doula, a fitness coach, an educator for homeless teens and an advocate for adoption. She didn’t even have a business yet, but she took a risk to invest in her own talent and enrolled in the Divine Living Academy.

angie-3We worked with Angie to drop the old money story and open up to a new vision for her life. “I began to witness what it looked like to actually just BE a woman who radiates and IS success. Seven months into the Academy, I was making between 6-10k per month. I had gone from no business at all, to working with some of the most interesting women on the planet.”

How did it happen? Angie became relentless about creating a business that would fit her life as a busy mom of eight and not the other way around. Once she cracked the code, she kept on building: creating structures to support her, hiring a team, learning to delegate and open up passive income streams.

“The Academy guided me in creating my fortune MY WAY. I no longer am a victim of circumstances. No matter the season of life, I am now confident in my relationship with money and how it actually flows. We’re debt free, in the process of buying our absolute dream home, and I work 12 hours per week max, which allows me plenty of time with my family of ten!”

We love to see Angie so fiercely committed to an up-leveled vision for her life and coaching other women who desire to have it all—the juicy marriage, confident motherhood and successful career. If you too are ready to ask for more in life, don’t miss Angie’s top three tips for transforming your money story below.


Top Three Tips
For Transforming Your Money Story


Be Available to be Your Best

Relationships come first—not just with family and friends, but with yourself. I take exquisite care of myself and my relationship with the Divine. Let’s get real, being a mom of eight kids (several with special needs) and married for nearly twenty years could really eat me alive if I let it. But instead, I make being filled my number one priority. That way, no matter what comes my way (and believe me, there’s something wild and exciting every single day) I’m totally present and available to be the best Woman, Wife and Mom possible.

Live by the 90/10 Rule

Ninety percent of my time, resources and attention go to feeling wonderful! This looks like journaling, reading, eating, doing and listening to uplifting things every single day. Only after I feel amazing does the inspired action come and when it does it ALWAYS feels fantastic—this is my indicator that I am on the right track. The other ten goes to inspired action which I often don’t even register as “action” because it seems so fun to do—make the call, write the email, create the offer. It thrills me to the tips of my toes when I move in the world like this. Consequently, my action is way more effective and yields huge returns.

Listen to Your Truth

You have to trust your gut. There’s so much out there telling us how to be, do and have but ultimately you hold the wisdom within. Sure, take in the success of others as inspiration—but don’t make it the gospel truth. Learn to listen and act on your truth and your instincts. KNOW that your gut is leading you to your unique kingdom and the faster you can quiet the noise outside of you, the faster you’ll arrive.

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