How Love Coach Nicole Moore Learned to Own
Her Worth & Do Business Like a CEO

nicole-1When I first started my business, I had no real marketing plan or structures in place to support my growth,” explains my client Nicole Moore. “I was sporadic in my efforts and didn’t have a list of ideal customers.”

Nicole was once a struggling love coach working 24/7 just to scrape by. Sound familiar? What made the difference for Nicole was the same thing that seems to work for every woman—making the decision to be a success.

“I decided to get serious, stop being a hobbyist and really devote myself to making my business a success.”

“I decided to get serious, stop being a hobbyist and really devote myself to making my business a success.” To learn how to manage a coaching business, bring in the funds she desired and share her message with more women, Nicole signed up for the Divine Living Academy.

At the Academy, we worked with Nicole to focus her attention on money-making activities, grow her list, create super effective marketing funnels and refine her services.

nicole-2“I went from struggling to making a consistent 5k a month to completely selling out my group and private love coaching programs and creating a list of more than 7,000 women!”

Nicole learned to work smarter, not harder. And that was just the beginning. To really open up to her true earning potential, she had to drop her money blocks.

“I had a big money story that it was bad for me to make more money than other people, so I was always stopping myself from REALLY hitting big numbers in my business. I was worried, deep down, that people wouldn’t like me if I excelled.”

“I was worried, deep down, that people wouldn’t like me if I excelled.”

So many women suffer from that guilty, squeamish feeling around making money, thinking that it’s bad or wrong when in reality, it’s just neutral. Nicole realized it was time to stop worrying what others thought and start owning her worth.

“I learned that by me FULLY being me, being a superstar, serving a ton of people and making great money, that I was actually doing A SERVICE to other women by being the example.”

nicole-3Surrounded by 200 women from around the world who were also committed to going for it in life, Nicole began to ask for more for herself. “I seriously upgraded my work space and even moved into a house by the beach with an INCREDIBLE ocean view. I’m inspired to make each day beautiful, instead of waiting for a vacation every 6 months to really live it up.”

I’m always thrilled to see our DL Academy alumni thinking and living beyond the limits. Once Nicole started realizing that what was available for other women was available for her as well, she became totally unstoppable. “Last year, I really focused on stepping into the role of CEO. I more than doubled my business last year from 140k to over 350k, and this year I’m on track to hit 7 figures in my business.”

We couldn’t be more proud of her! We asked Nicole to share her top three tips for transforming your money story with her own unique twist. Read on for this fab entrepreneur’s best advice on how to create a CEO mindset!


Nicole Moore’s

3 Ways to Have a CEO
Mindset in Your Business


Disappointment is Temporary—
Your Vision is What Matters!

One of the things that Gina helped me with the most is connecting to a Bigger Vision. When you have a vision that you’re inspired by, it’s easier to not get setback by temporary disappointment.

When you choose to see yourself not as a struggling entrepreneur, but as the successful CEO and visionary of a mega-successful company, things change.Whenever a roadblock came up in my business, I would ask myself “If I was a super-successful CEO, would I even be worried about this?” Most often the answer was “no.”

Every time I didn’t make a sale, or a webinar didn’t fill with as many women as I’d hoped, I would feel the disappointment and then very quickly remind myself of the bigger vision of helping one million women create amazing love. Anytime you feel stuck, focus on your vision until you feel so inspired that you can’t help but take action because you’re so excited to make your dream into a reality.

Start Each Morning
FEELING Successful

To be successful you have to feel successful first. So, each morning, I start off my day pumping myself up with confidence and inspiration.

I meet with my best friend and fellow Academy alum every single weekday and we brag about our recent business success before going into a 3 minute visualization workshop, where we speak into what we want to experience in the coming week and month.

We set a timer for 3 minutes each and then we say things like “oh my goodness, I attracted in the most amazing clients this week, I made more money than I even expected, I’m getting so many requests for media interviews, etc.”

We speak into what we desire to happen as if it already has, and we feel those feelings now. The result is that I start off each day feeling as if my success has already happened, so I’m super excited to take the next step to live into that reality.

Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

Gina and the Academy Program were instrumental in helping me get out of mental drama and into inspired action. I learned that if I wanted to be successful, then I would have to stop focusing on the drama of the problem and focus all of my attention on the solution.

I found that when I was completely unwilling to stay in mental drama around my business, things shifted. By focusing only on the solution I started to feel like a Powerful CEO. All of a sudden, I attracted more committed, more powerful clients who were happy to invest in my love coaching, and many of them as pay-in full clients.

When I respected myself enough to get out of drama mode and into the position of powerful Woman in my business, everything changed. It really is simple. What separates the successful woman entrepreneur from the one who is struggling is that successful women focus on solutions, rather than problems

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