How Mother-of-Two & Magazine Creator Genine Howard
Went From Overworked Business Owner
to Empowered Entrepreneur

genine-1By the time I met Aussie entrepreneur Genine Howard, she already had an impressive 13-year track record of growing businesses. It all started with a job at a small regional lifestyle magazine in Australia. “It was a career that I fell into and excelled in.” Genine tells DLM. “Within four years we had expanded to three magazines with me at the helm.”

The company became so successful that it was eventually sold to a major media corporation, and soon Genine was moved to the head office, where she was expected to climb the ranks like everyone else. “I soon realized that working for a large corporation had its drawbacks. Implementing any kind of change was like trying to turn the Titanic around. Having come from a small company where we could be nimble, it nearly drove me insane.”

Corporate was obviously not the place for someone as quick-moving, ambitious and driven as Genine (if you’re reading this right now, you can probably relate). Fed up, she quit her job and started her own magazine. Within one year of publishing, she was awarded Small Business Woman of The Year. Within five, the magazine was a bonafide hit and Genine was living out her dream with a team of staff, a beautiful office and a champagne-sipping lifestyle.

genine-2While she was by all standards a success, success didn’t feel quite as splendid or glamorous as it looked—and it came at a price. “The stress of the deadlines and the workload took its toll in many ways. My health, relationships and finances were all suffering. I had a sneaking suspicion there had to be more in life.”

With their new baby in tow, Genine and her husband sold the magazine and moved to Melbourne, where he would pursue his career as an actor and she would begin life as a business coach. “I had already been working as a coach on the side for a few years and felt confident to start doing it full time. I imagined by working from home I’d have more time with my family, however, old behaviors die hard, and even once I had my second baby, I found myself working far too many hours and the stress was creeping back in.”

It didn’t matter that Genine had all the right ingredients—experience, drive, talent, desire—to create the financial freedom she craved. She had yet to allow herself to claim her true desires. She had been taught, like so many of us are, that she had to work really, really hard for her money—and even while raising two kids and running her own business, it wasn’t easy to give up the old story. Genine realized if she wanted to fundamentally change her life, she would need some support in making the leap.

“And then I found Gina. I have no idea how I found Gina, but I knew I was looking for that right mentor to show me the possibilities. I knew at once Gina was that mentor. Soon enough I was off to LA meeting my Divine Living Academy sisters and immersing myself in one of the biggest growth periods of my career.”

genine-3Surrounded by the high-vibe energy of the Divine Living Academy, Genine finally started to let go of her old money story. She dedicated herself to studying wealth consciousness, implementing a daily routine that propelled her forward. Instead of always just suspecting that there should be something more, she realized exactly what something more looked like, and dared to desire it for herself. With a crystal clear new vision for her life, taking action every day became effortless.

“Instead of always just suspecting that there should be something more, she realized exactly what something more looked like, and dared to desire it for herself.”

“Six months into the Academy, I know I am transformed forever. I now truly honor myself, my time and my family. I am clear on my life’s purpose to show other women they deserve abundance in their lives. I am now working less than I was previously and I am earning more. I’ve already passed $100k, earning twice as much money as I did in the last year, and am on track to double it by the end of 2016.”

Go Genine go! It’s so good to see yet another woman entrepreneur skyrocket toward her true financial potential. Think you might have a money story that can use a new spin? Read on for Genine’s top three tips to transform your relationship with money below.




Tap into your dreams and desires

Many of us run on auto pilot most of the time and therefore rarely take time to really look into our deepest desires. A wonderful method I have found for finding and focusing on your biggest goals is Goal Mapping—a process whereby you not only write down what goals you have, but then draw them out! The aim of this is to open up your creativity (right brain) so that you visualize your goals, not just say them. Then the key to achieving your goals is to feel the emotion of having that goal, literally as if you had that goal right now. And lastly, to assist you in feeling like that goal has already been achieved, ensure you state those goals in the present tense. For example, instead of your goal being “I want to earn $10K per month.” you would write/say “I earn $10K per month.” Then feel what it would be like having that in your experience. By repeating this goal every day you in effect trick your subconscious mind into believing it already has this goal and therefore it will offer up the roadmap of how to get there.

Create daily rituals that support your success

The common trait of all successful people is successful habits. Positive habitual routines support you to operate at your best. For me, I start my day with incantations. While getting ready for the day I use positive statements such as “I’m a healthy, wealthy, vibrant woman” during my shower! I then light a candle, read an affirmation card and run through my list of positive affirmations, along with looking over and reading out loud my goals and journaling. It was these simple, easy steps that really made the difference for me in my business. These positive beliefs replaced my old lingering doubts about money and my worth. You just have to commit to doing them!

It’s about who you need to BE—not what you need to DO

Success really is 80% psychology and 20% doing. How you show up each day makes all the difference. By being the best version of yourself in all ways, you can show up in your business at your highest vibration, and therefore have the greatest impact on others. Work out what you need to be at your best—perhaps daily exercise, meditation, regular massages, time out with family, pampering—whatever it takes for you to feel a sense of calmness and clarity. For me, I found it was having a good balance of self-nurture time and focused work time. I ensure I work efficiently when in work mode, and then switch off completely when with the family—no technology or stressing about work! I also make a conscious effort to only allow positive energy into my world—and that means switching off the television!


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