How Self-Love Coach Katie Phillips Learned to Charge Her Worth and Up-Level Her Business
katie-1Katie Phillips started her entrepreneurial journey as we all do, by giving a lot of herself. She was a single parent, working a corporate job and running a passion-based business on the side.

“Following a personal and spiritual journey, I launched Daring & Mighty, a line of high-end gifts and art, with the intention of inspiring other women to transform their lives just as I had.”

“I discovered rather painfully that I believed I wasn’t meant for money, that I wasn’t ‘good enough’ to earn a lot, that I had to work myself into the ground to get it.”

Katie’s line of artisan products quickly found an audience and her business soon expanded to include workshops and events. She immersed herself in personal development, training in NLP, mentorship and Reiki, and started writing a book, The Self-Love Affair, on the side.

Even though she worked constantly, it still wasn’t enough to support her family. “I discovered a natural ability to support and nurture women, however I was barely making ends meet—and for months at a time, not making any money at all.”

katie-2“I was not willing to go back to my corporate 9-to-5. I knew I had to figure out how to make a successful business out of my passion.”

To support her in creating the change she desired, Katie enrolled in the Divine Living Academy, fiercely committing to transforming her business, developing mastery in coaching and overcoming all of the blocks to her success.

The biggest one? Her money story. “I had no idea how my beliefs around money had held me back in life. I discovered rather painfully that I believed I wasn’t meant for money, that I wasn’t ‘good enough’ to earn a lot, that I had to work myself into the ground to get it. That was my truth. And so it was my reality. I lived in deep survival mode. Changing that behavior has been a massive undertaking but I am getting to the other side!”

katie-3At the Divine Living Academy, Katie worked to get crystal clear on the purpose behind her desires and create messaging that would resonate with her ideal clients. She built confidence and authenticity as a self-love coach, learning to stand in her power as an expert—and to fully discover and charge her worth.

“I realized that by not charging my worth, I was actually doing the world a disservice. I am now moments away from hitting the 6-figure mark and am earning an income that gives me the energy and capacity to be of very high service to my clients. I am no longer operating from a place of lack and so they get the very best of me—which is hugely valuable.”

We love to see Katie thriving and bringing her work to more and more women globally! Because self-love is an essential part of transforming your money story, we asked Katie to share her best advice for loving yourself more deeply. Read on to get her top three tips!


Top Three Tips
For Transforming Your Money Story


Get to Know Yourself

It’s time to commit to the most important relationship in your life—the one you have with yourself. You might think you know who you are, but are you really giving YOU the curiosity and attention you deserve? Create the time and space to find out. Spend at least 10 – 15 minutes a day journaling about how you feel. Make sure you actually identify and label your feelings—the more you’re conscious of them, the less likely they are to bite you on the bum when you least expect it! Your journal is a private place to explore the nuances of who you are, what makes you tick and what your heart most deeply desires. Within this space, you can develop a profoundly special relationship with yourself that will have you feel so much more in control of your life.

Create a Spiritual Practice

Set time aside every day to connect with the truth of you—your Spiritual self. Choose practices that allow you to disconnect from the busyness of your mind and the attachment to your ego, which has you constantly striving for more, meaning you will never feel fulfilled and at peace. Meditate, soak in a hot bath, walk on the beach, paint, run, journal—do what lights you up and has you feel connected to your true essence. You don’t have to do the same thing every day—mix it up. Enjoy the beauty of connecting with the real you and remember just how lovable you are.

Dare to Dream

Love yourself enough to spend time pondering what you want from your life. Quit focusing on the needs of everyone else and decide what it is that you desire. It’s so easy to be so focused on everyone else, that you forget what you want and wonder why you feel so lost and angry. When our focus is always outside of ourselves we feel empty, moody and disconnected. Choosing to connect with your desires enlivens and inspires you because you suddenly have a reason for being here. As a Spiritual being, you are meant to live out your desires. The first step is knowing what they are.

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