How Actress Louise George Went from Struggling
Solo-Preneur to Running Her Dream
Coaching Business

louise-1Like so many women entrepreneurs I know, Louise George has always been a natural creative. She never envisioned herself in a corporate environment or an office, working a regular job. Deep down she desired a freer lifestyle, one where she could truly shine, express herself and have an impact on people—though she wasn’t fully sure it was possible.

“I always knew what I wanted to do, so I trained as an actress and on-camera host.” Louise tells DLM. “For a long time, I lacked the confidence, clarity and mindset to make it happen.” At the root of the problem, Louise didn’t believe that what came naturally to her qualified her to earn a good living or have the lifestyle she desired.

“Every time she heard no, she took it as proof that she wasn’t worthy of her dreams.”

“When I was younger, I felt the pressure to get a ‘real job.’ My self-belief took a knock every time I went up for a role I didn’t get.” As it does for so many of us, Louise’s story about what it looks like to make money stopped her from committing to her own desires. And every time she heard no, she took it as proof that she wasn’t worthy of her dreams.

bodhi-quoteFeeling defeated, for years Louise kept her acting career and her passions on the back burner, slowly turning down the heat. Meanwhile she resigned herself to getting a job, just like everyone else. She tried working in real estate and advertising, only to find herself feeling miserable.

“The last six months of working with Gina in the Divine Living Academy have completely accelerated my success and changed my life in every way.’”

Craving the freedom of being her own boss, she began her entrepreneurial journey. “I had some success with a property management and a private PA business…and then a fitness coaching business, but something was still missing. After a series of events that got me questioning my life’s purpose, including a dear friend and client passing away and personally suffering from depression, I realized it was time to take control and gain the clarity I needed to create the life I truly desire.”

Louise began her personal-development path and worked on all areas of her life and business. She got to know herself and built a whole new level of confidence, clarity and focus. Wanting to share what she learned with others, in 2014 she founded Bodhi Babes, which began as a blog featuring inspiration and support for women entrepreneurs.

louise-3Feeling totally lit up, Louise knew she was onto something, but again, she wasn’t sure how to make it her career. “I had no idea what I was going to do with Bodhi Babes or how I could monetize it.  I began working as a life coach and running workshops with friends and former clients, but I had to support myself with my other businesses—which was exhausting!”

Done with allowing life to be just good enough, Louise’s dream became to focus full-time on her vision for Bodhi Babes. She was ready to demand the true freedom she had always craved, plus the opportunity to live out her desires and make a big impact in the world. After working with a Divine Living Certified coach and seeing a good friend successfully graduate from the Divine Living Academy, Louise decided 2016 would be the year she made it happen, and signed up.

“The last six months of working with Gina in the Divine Living Academy have completely accelerated my success and changed my life in every way. I am now a success coach, getting fully booked with my ideal clients, traveling almost every month and creating £10k+ months from my new high-end coaching programs.”

In the Divine Living Academy, Louise was finally able to release her old beliefs about money: that you have to be born into it, or just be lucky enough to get it, because going after it was somehow bad or unspiritual. She quickly realized how untrue all of that was and became empowered to know that what comes naturally to her—her creativity, compassion and leadership—deserves to be abundantly supported.

Not only does Louise now have a business that supports her desired lifestyle and allows her to do
high-impact work, she’s also living our her passion for performing, getting booked at amazing speaking gigs like the Positivity Summit in New York City and the Awakened Woman Conference in Bali. Plus, Louise is even on screen again—you can see her in 2016’s Our Kind of Traitor  starring Ewan McGregor.

“I had visualized this, but not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined it all happening so quickly. I feel so blessed. I now have a sisterhood for life of the most incredible, inspiring, supportive women I’ve ever met; and I know how to bring in the money that enables me to be of higher service, living the life that I desire and helping other women do the same.”

On track to have a six-figure year, we could not be more proud of Louise for going fearlessly in the direction of her dreams. Read on to get her top three pieces of advice for those of you who are ready to stop scraping by, and start claiming your true worth.


Top Three Tips


Decide What You Can Commit To, Today

Clarity is the foundational piece to a successful business and a life that feels great. Spend time getting clear on what you truly desire and not what you think you should do. Ask yourself, how do you most want to feel in your business and life? What can you do each day to feel that way? What’s working and what’s not working in your life right now? What do you want more of? Then make a decision to get what you desire and program your mindset to feel like your desires are already yours.  When you decide and commit you will be able to focus easier on the actions you need to take and the universe will support you.

Find Your Next Right Action

Don’t just sit around wishing for your desires to come to you, take action that feels good and is aligned with your desires.  Action isn’t about pushing, striving and forcing things to happen but “tuning in,” asking for divine guidance and then taking action that feels good, that is aligned with your desires and beliefs and that will help you move closer toward your goals.  Remember that you don’t need to do everything at once, just take the next step, then the next. You can stay out of overwhelm if you simply focus on finding your next right action.

Show Up Consistently for Your Community

One of the things that has helped me accelerate my success is being super consistent in building, growing and nurturing my community. You may have heard the phrase “your money is in your list”—and it really is. As online business owners the people who sign up for our lists are our community. They’re the ones who are asking to hear from us, who want to know what we’re up to and want to potentially work with us at some point. Statistics show that only 1-3% of our lists buy from us, so that should give you an idea of the kind of numbers you’ll need to create the clients and income you desire. So make yourself visible on social media, create a routine and be consistent. People have to see and hear from us around 7-9 times before they take action and sign up to work with us, so it’s important to consistently show up, share your messages, engage and offer your services.


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