How My 26-Year-Old Client
Lexi D’Angelo Turned Her Post-Grad Salary into Her
Monthly Paycheck, Creating the Independent 
Dream Life She Never Thought Possible

lexi-1When I first spoke to Lexi D’Angelo about the power of the money story, she told me she didn’t have one. “My original belief was that because I grew up in an affluent family, I had a high wealth consciousness and zero money story.” She explained to me recently, continuing, “The truth is, I could not have been more wrong.”

After a few coaching sessions, Lexi soon realized that you can develop a negative money story even if your parents are wealthy. Many people do. There’s more than one limiting belief about money out there, and more than one way to have an emotional experience of it.

For Lexi, though she grew up in a household where nothing was lacking, she still had her own personal struggles that were blocking her success.

“I was never thousands of dollars in debt, I never had to miss out on an experience because of a lack of funds, and I never had to work my butt off to make ends meet. If I wanted something badly enough, all I had to do was ask.  I’ve actually carried extreme guilt and shame for a very long time as a result of it.”

A few years after earning her Bachelor’s, Lexi was embarrassed to think anyone might find out she couldn’t support herself on her $22k a year salary. She felt powerless and useless, stuck in a job she didn’t like with no opportunities for promotion in sight. Deep down, she had no desire to rely on her father, let alone any man. She wanted independence, but she also wanted to maintain her lifestyle and have freedom to travel. And to her, that was a conflict.

lexi-2“Having it all on my own terms truly seemed impossible—until I met Gina. I remember thinking, ‘So it’s okay that I like and want nice things…and it’s okay to talk about money? And you’re saying that I don’t need a man to do this and I can create this wealth and happiness on my own?!’ My mind was blown.”

Enrolled in my Mastery Program, Lexi began to acknowledge and accept her true desires—but she still hadn’t taken full responsibility for her own power. In February she made $195 in her new coaching biz, and was feeling discouraged. I saw her at our Live Event in Sydney, and remember her telling me all the reasons why she couldn’t make it happen.
I looked her square in the eye and said, “The fact of the matter is, you don’t think you can actually do this. And if you don’t start thinking you can actually do it, I’m going to promise you someone else is going to teach your clients your program. God’s work will be done with or without you. It’s yours to lose. So make a decision right now…are you going to own it, or not?” 

lexi-3Lexi remembers this as the pivotal moment for her. “Boom. That shook me to my core and I knew right then and there that yes, I would absolutely own it. I didn’t need my dad or any other man to create success in my life—I simply needed me.”

A major shift occurred in Lexi, and just months later she’s bringing in more income than she ever imagined herself making! She closed out June at $32,598, far exceeding her old annual salary in just one month! Go Lexi!

What’s even more important to Lexi is the sense of purpose, impact, and joy her work now brings her. “Once I stepped into the successful shoes of the business woman I desired to be, I began inspiring countless other women to do the same. It was truly an incredible feeling. I feel more proud, accomplished, and overjoyed than I can even put into words, because for the first time in my life, I’m financially supported by ME.”

The beautiful thing about our community of women entrepreneurs is that we have so much to learn from our diverse perspectives! Aside from my pointed coaching, I asked Lexi to divulge the three mindset practices that have most transformed her relationship with money.

Get her unique take below and learn more about Lexi by visiting her website: lexidangelo.com.

1. Get Intimate with Your Money Story
It took me a while to admit it, but each and every single one of us has a money story! And it’s absolutely crucial that we get super intimate with it and understand how it shaped who we are today. The beliefs that we’ve carried with us throughout our lifetime are more powerful than we can begin to imagine, therefore, we must stop turning a blind eye to them, and instead, fully acknowledge them. It’s only once we’re able to recognize our money story that we can begin to re-write it.

2. Stare Your Doubts in the Eye
As women, we are incredibly powerful and capable of achieving whatever it is that we set our minds and souls to. However, we can’t begin to achieve what we desire unless we fully believe in ourselves. If there is even a tiny little voice whispering in the back of your mind telling you that what you desire isn’t meant for you, write down whatever that voice is saying. Now that it’s written out, stare it dead in the eye. Is what that voice is saying true? Really think about it. Most likely, that voice is full of it. But it’s pretty good at convincing us that it speaks the truth. Take some time to journal on whatever you feel is holding you back from being able to create the business and life you desire. Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, decide right here, right now, that you’re going to commit to your success and absolutely own it! Trust that you have what it takes to make your dreams a reality and get out there and do it.

3. Don’t Go It Alone
I truly believe that surrounding yourself with positive and empowering people is one of the biggest keys to reaching the level of success you desire. Everything changed for me when I invested in my own mentor and became a member of a high-vibe community of women. If you’re reading this, I know you are an extremely intelligent woman, and you could probably figure it out on your own…eventually. However, you can truly shorten the timeline by getting support from someone who has achieved the level of success that you desire for yourself.



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