My Client Melissa Pharr Shares How She 
Went from Making Ends Meet to Meeting 
her New York City Dream Life

pharr-1When I first met Melissa Pharr, a small-town Idaho gal, she had already made some major changes in her life. A few years earlier, she had quit her management job in Boston and moved to New York City, leaving behind the comfortable salary she had been struggling for years to get.

“Quitting my job just after my promotion was one of the scariest, bravest, and best choices I’ve ever made.” Melissa explains. Though just a few years earlier, she would not have imagined ever making such a “risky” move.

After college, Melissa went into survive mode. She was used to getting up at 4:30am, 5-6 days a week, and working 16 hour days to support herself. “When I look back, I have no idea how I made it through. I remember months of stressing over rent payments and working 2 jobs just to make ends meet.”

After two years of hustling, Melissa was rewarded for her hard work with a new position at her company. She excelled at team training and sales, and was on the fast track up the corporate ladder. Yet she had the feeling her talents could go further elsewhere.

“I felt my heart telling me that there had to be more in store for me. As an employee, it seemed there was only so much I could do to advance and that the income I could make was limited.”

Melissa’s desire for greater time freedom and unlimited financial growth soon pointed her to becoming an entrepreneur. As a long-time reader of personal development and wealth consciousness books, Mel wanted to work with others to create the same changes she was beginning to see in herself. She decided to put her sales and training skills to work in building her own success coaching business.

pharr-2“My friends often said they knew I’d do great work as a coach, and I felt that too. But, to be honest, the success I was having was so slow and incremental, that somedays I wasn’t sure how long I really wanted to keep it up.”

Instead of giving up, however, Melissa stayed on track and decided to fully invest in herself and her success. She enrolled in my The Divine Living Academy & Business of Coaching Program, joining an amazing community of women committed to building their dreams.

“Joining the Academy has been nothing less than a life changing experience for me on every level possible. Gina gave me something far more powerful than the ‘how to.’ From the very beginning, a fire was lit within me. I started to realize that every challenge was really just an opportunity, and that all challenges have solutions.”


I always love to see the moment in each of my clients when that fire is lit, and the way is cleared for them to become their most empowered selves. Within months of seeing that happen to Melissa, I was thrilled to find her consistently generating 5-figure months in her business! In 2015 she’s already brought in $111,000 and is well on her way to having a huge year!

“Gina taught me to focus all of my energy on what I desire to create, and to cultivate an unshakeable belief in those desires. I don’t let a day go by that doesn’t include having my mind in the game and living my life full out. Now, I’m totally on fire, teaching my clients to create businesses they love!”

Goodbye surviving, hello thriving. Even better than any corporate promotion, Melissa is now fully enjoying her self-made financial security. She’s living it up from a fabulous condo with stunning Manhattan views and definitely not worried about making ends meet. At the same time, her personal life is flourishing—she’s traveling the world, and newly married to a man who fully supports her continued success.

I asked Melissa to share the 3 pieces of advice that have been most crucial to transforming her money story. Read on to learn the techniques that helped her create her dream business and life.

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Melissa’s Top Three Tips For Transforming Your Money Story


Persistence and Consistency are the Name of the Game
If you’re willing to keep doing what works despite challenges, and you commit to never giving up, your success is inevitable. At the beginning of the Academy, I made a promise to myself that any time I felt anxious or doubtful of my success, I would listen to Think and Grow Rich or Leveraging the Universe on my phone until I was certain of my success again. My husband even checked in with me about my daily reading if I was having a hard day!

Acknowledge that your Thoughts and Emotions are a Choice
It can feel tricky to keep your mind in the game when things don’t go your way, but I’ve learned that I can choose what I want to believe and I can choose a more powerful response to my circumstances. I literally read a list of high vibe beliefs, visualize my monthly goals, and spend some time reflecting every single day before I work on or in my business, and it helps me keep my mind in the game. My favorite belief I say each day is, “Every step I take is working perfectly and bringing me the success I desire.”

Streamline Your Daily Tasks!
In the beginning of building my business, I got distracted easily by looking outside myself for answers and watching what everyone else was doing. I finally got grounded and focused on just 3 things every single day: 1) Building my list/community! Either with a FB group, a great lead magnet, or doing a webinar, etc. 2) Nurturing my community/list. I never missed an email to my list, so that I could continue building that relationship. I also started to lead in the online world, with the goal of building relationships MORE than just trying to get clients. 3) I got great at making sales! I perfected my process by practicing weekly with potential clients, recording my discovery sessions and listening back, and studying them with Gina 7 times or more. Focusing on just those 3 things CONSISTENTLY started paying off and now avoiding distraction is second nature.

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