How My 29-Year Old Client Chrissy Brady-Smith
Overcame Money Shame & Embraced Her Authentic Self
brady-1San Francisco-based Chrissy Brady-Smith is one of those women who arrived at the Divine Living Academy with plenty of professional credentials. She had a Masters in Education and Social Justice, a life coaching certification, and a deep passion for making a difference in people’s lives. However none of this was adding up to financial stability.

“Before enrolling in the Academy, I never let myself enjoy life to the fullest.” Chrissy tells us, “I was living in scarcity at $15 an hour, nannying to make ends meet as I built a coaching business from scratch.”

I can easily relate—I too was once the woman with all the education, and mysteriously, making money seemed beyond me—even though my upbringing was not identical to Chrissy’s. In my years of working with women on wealth consciousness, I’ve learned that socio-economic background is no guarantee of one’s ease in making their own money. There are so many reasons a woman might develop blocks around finances, and the experiences that shape our lives can be quite subtle.

Chrissy for example grew up in an affluent home, where an outsider would guess she’d have no issues around money. However one event taught her a lesson that has guided her subconscious beliefs in a powerful way.

brady-2As Chrissy tells it, “Once while I was in elementary school, my parents handed me some cash for a book fair, and I took it upon myself to buy my friend a book for her birthday. I didn’t bother looking at the price, it felt so right to buy her that book because I had the money.”

Chrissy was expressing her generous spirit, but later that night she got in trouble, as her friend’s parents had already purchased the same book for her and her gesture was deemed too extravagant. “In that moment I developed the belief that having more than enough money would make me a bad person.” Chrissy learned to equate, as so many of us do, money with shame.

In the Academy, Chrissy worked to rewrite that story and reclaim her authentic self. “It was finally safe to talk about money without any shame. I learned that making money and going after my dreams could actually be a spiritual process. Has the money I’ve made over the years made me selfish, greedy, or bad? Not at all. It’s made me more generous and capable of creating change in the world.”

brady-3As soon as we uncovered Chrissy’s limiting beliefs around money, everything started to click. Not only did she release those blocks, she opened up to a more honest expression of herself.

“This journey has given me permission to be who I am. When I first started my business, I thought I had to be more professional and corporate and less woo-woo and wild. The Academy encouraged me to raise my freak flag high. The truth is I love Burning Man just as much as the Ritz! Embracing my inner Wild Woman has been the biggest breakthrough for me as a coach.”

Today Chrissy is happily running a successful coaching business, leading retreats and offering emotional support for the driven, focused, and wild woman entrepreneur. Now earning a consistent 7k monthly, this past year has taken her all over Europe from Paris to Montenegro, and she’s currently looking forward to five weeks in Bali this Spring for a mix of work and play.

We love Chrissy’s approach to empowering women and to see her unapologetically going after her dreams. Read on for her top three tips on how to work and play beyond your money blocks and start living your true purpose.


Top Three Tips
For Transforming Your Money Story


Always Act “As If”

I was invited to be featured in this magazine after investing in high-end personal branding photography and hiring new team members outside my financial comfort zone so I would have the infrastructure in place to handle this kind of exposure. Not the other way around. This is no coincidence. I acted “as if” I was already in the magazine—that’s the power of visualizing and emotionalizing a desire.

Find Your Soul Message

This is the inspiration that weaves through your offerings, blog, and overall rhythm as an entrepreneur. This is what you’re known for. If you’re not inspired by your message, who will be? Soul messaging is about vulnerably showing up as your true self, no matter what. If you’re stuck in this area, I guarantee you’re closer than you think! Your feminine power lies in your body. Take your thinking cap off, dance it out, and listen. Your body will give you a YES when you’re on the right track, and a NO when something’s off. Your sensations offer wisdom that your mind cannot.

Know the Truth About Fear

There is NOTHING wrong with your fear. It’s a primary emotion that showed up long ago to keep you safe. The key to moving through fear as a grown woman is to feel it without judgment. How would you treat a scared little girl? You’d probably give her a hug and let her know how loved she is. Making your fear wrong is like putting a fire out with a blowtorch. The best part of feeling your fear? When you suppress an uncomfortable emotion, you suppress its total opposite from showing up. Feeling your fear gives your courage a knock on the door to come out and play. Your fears might be loud, but your courage is unshakeable.

Visit Chrissy’s website: chrissybradysmith



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