My Client Polly Alexandre on How Coaching Took Her
Photography Business to the Next Level
polly-1When Photographer Polly Alexandre first found the Divine Living Academy two years ago, she was already an established entrepreneur. Her London-based wedding photography business was doing well—that year, she was even named one of Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine’s Top Photographers Worldwide.

And yet, Polly knew there was still more for her. Dreams she had yet to realize, places she had yet to see—but it took a serious a wake-up call for her to finally take action on living her best possible life. “After almost losing someone close to me, I knew it was now or never to step up my personal development,” Polly told me recently. “With no idea what to expect, on my birthday in 2014, I signed up for the Academy. It turned out to be the best present I could have given myself.”

Right away, Polly began implementing what she was learning in the Academy to her photography business, and saw immediate results. “It completely expanded what I thought was possible for me.” She raised her rates, booked more ideal clients, and called in her dream commissions.

We were thrilled to see Polly really going after it in her photography, but the big surprise came at the end of the year, when she decided to start coaching as well. “I had no plans to become a coach, but then I discovered the power of it and how much I loved it! I started organically, and I was blown away with the results I saw in my clients.”

polly-2aPolly blended what she learned with her own experience and passions to create programs for creative entrepreneurs like herself, mixing coaching and consulting to help them make more money, feel more fulfilled and create a lifestyle they love. Today her clients include photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers, wedding planners, nutritionists, and bloggers—all super cool and talented women ready for their next level in life!

Since becoming one of the first Divine Living Certified Coaches to graduate from the Academy, Polly went on to join my Mastery Program, so I’ve had the joy of continuing to support her mega amazing growth over the past two years. In her first year of running her coaching business just part-time, she brought in £100,000. polly-3It was such a success and so impactful, that this past November, she decided to take it full time.

“So much has opened up for me over the past 18 months, it’s been like a makeover from the inside out! My coaching business has become a business which has a joy and an impact way above and beyond what I even anticipated at the start of my journey. And seeing the transformation in the lives of the women I work with, is the greatest gift of all.”

I couldn’t agree more! Stay in the loop with Polly at pollyalexandre.com as she launches a new lifestyle blog and her first ever group coaching program this Spring, and don’t forget to check out her top three tips for transforming your money story below.


Top Three Tips
For Transforming Your Money Story


Commit to Completion

Creative people are great at coming up with ideas, but we can take on too many things at once. I learned to focus on one project at a time, and put all my time, energy and focus into that. For my first year I had one coaching program: my 3 month private coaching program. That’s all I sold and it helped me get really good at one thing, and reach my consistent £10k+ months. Hand in hand with focus goes completion. Learning how to move past procrastination and perfectionism, and commit to completing projects is essential to success. Focus on one thing at a time, and focus on completing it fully.

Create a Magnetic Vision

In order to manifest powerfully and fast, get LASER clear on your vision. See every detail, and meditate on your vision every day. Create an exciting vision board and put it somewhere you can see daily. When I desire to bring in money for something big, I get so connected to my desire, and see and feel it so strongly it literally creates an almost magnetic force to attract the money in. The vision is so compelling and so ME, that it drives me to bring in the money for it. Carve your own path and keep the focus on who you are, and not on what others are doing. Your big vision is at the heart of what you are creating with your business so make it super exciting, super fun and dream really big! It should totally excite you!

Mornings Matter

Start your day with intention and a morning ritual. Something that nourishes your mind, something that nourishes your body, something that nourishes your spirit. I meditate, do my affirmations, exercise, and journal every morning before beginning my work. Taking good care of myself in this way allows me to truly support others, and ensures I have the energy and focus and connection to my intuition to be a powerful coach.



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