How My Client Megan LaRussa
Found Financial Freedom
While Creating Her Dream Fashion Business

megan-1“When stylist Megan LaRussa left her fashion dream job in New York City to move home to Alabama, it wasn’t because she had given up on her career.

After working tirelessly in a fast-paced, cut-throat industry, she realized the path she was on was never going to fulfill her. She wanted to reconnect to what she loved about fashion in the first place, so she packed up for Birmingham in search of a work-life balance she could actually live with.

“I was told by everyone, including my family, that I couldn’t make a living doing styling in the south.” Megan tells DLM, adding, “I was determined to prove them wrong.” And she did—rather quickly. For five years Megan’s styling business kept her afloat with work that included style coaching, wardrobe styling, events and fashion shows.

However for Megan, proving her family wrong wasn’t enough. She had yet to meet her own expectations. She was making a living, but at the cost of living with constant anxiety. “No matter how hard I worked, I was never able to surpass my financial goals and I sensed something was holding me back.”

Knowing there had to be a better way than just scraping by, Megan enrolled in the Divine Living Academy and began to discover what else was possible. As for what was holding her back, it started of course, with her money story.

megan-2“I always thought my money story was fine. I grew up in a successful entrepreneurial family and never had to think about money. I was able to spend on whatever I needed and most of what I wanted. It wasn’t until I quit my fashion job and started my company that I started to have anxiety.”

Even though she had never worried about money before, Megan now feared that on her own, she wouldn’t be able to create the kind of financial freedom she had growing up. “I thought it was gone forever…that feeling of not having to worry about eating out, shopping, traveling and enjoying the stylish, luxury lifestyle that I desired and adored.”

Through her work in the Academy, Megan uncovered a lot of subconscious beliefs underlying her money anxiety—which I know we can all relate to. First, there was the idea that women need to choose between having a career and having a family. Then, the belief that we need a man (or a corporation / employer) to ensure all of our financial needs are met. A third is that we have to work really really hard to be successful, as Megan (and so many of us!) watched her father do growing up.

So Megan’s journey began with rewriting these old limiting beliefs because at the root of everything, her money story was keeping her in survival mode. “I was at a lower vibration surrounding money, so I megan-3was attracting clients every now and then that wouldn’t pay on time and wouldn’t pay my prices. I thought it would always be like that, but in the short amount of time I’ve been in the Academy I’ve realized that it doesn’t have to be that way at all! It’s the most freeing feeling!”

While developing her wealth consciousness, Megan learned to refocus and restructure her business to support her desires. She decided to commit to her number one passion of style coaching, creating a brand with wow factor and relaunching her website to major success. “Thanks to what I’ve learned in the Academy I am now making three to four times MORE a month than I ever was with my old business structure and bringing in consistent $20K months— without working more hours! I simply am charging my worth.”

We’re thrilled to see that Megan is now on the track of unlimited possibility, building virtual products, opening up passive income streams, taking great care of herself and showing other
women how to do the same. “I love using my new money mindset to empower my amazing clients in spending money on themselves through a wardrobe that brings them joy and confidence, as well as on self care that allows them to be the best version of themselves.”

And as for choosing between work and family? Not only has Megan created her new financial freedom independently, she’s done it all with plenty of time to enjoy her marriage. “I am excited to have the awareness that I can make great money without sacrificing the things I love outside of work, including one day having a family with my husband.”

Here’s to taking a stand for the AND ladies! If you’re looking for more ways to do so in your own life, read on for Megan’s expert style tips below—because another belief we can all let go of is that we can either be amazing business leaders, or have great style.

3 Simple Ways to Look On
Brand Daily FROM

Megan LaRussa


Find Your Foundation

You must build a strong style foundation through knowing your personal style and how to best dress for your body type. It’s like building a house—a strong foundation is the only way to ensure longevity and strength. Once you know your personal style and body type, an entire new world of ease surrounding style will be open to you. You’ll have a clearer understanding of what to cleanse from your closet, what to avoid and what to look for when shopping, and how to make flattering, on brand outfits with confidence.

Know Your Brand

The quickest (and most fun) way to know your personal style, and thus personal brand, is creating a style Pinterest board. When pinning make sure to write comments on each image explaining WHY you like the outfit, item, color, etc. Make sure to pin at least 15 images before assessing the themes you are seeing. Do you see muted colors? Bold colors? Feminine fabrics? Creative accessories? This will give you a better sense of your REAL, authentic style and brand and what you need in your closet to reflect the best version of yourself. This will also help you in determining the types of looks you should be wearing for any business related events, shoots, etc.

Freshen Up Every Season

For most women, cleansing your closet is like going to the dentist. But it’s a necessity for every woman of every “style level” to do every season. Schedule a time in your calendar to cleanse without any distractions. Depending on how long it’s been since you cleansed, you’ll need anywhere from one to three hours. If you know you’ll need more than three hours, then schedule a second closet cleanse session in your calendar. Trust me, after three hours you’re not going to want to cleanse anymore! While cleansing take notes about what you need, what you’re loving and what you want to avoid moving forward. Make sure to think about your personal style and brand when deciding whether to keep a garment, or toss it. Does it represent the style and brand you desire to reflect? If not, let it go! Put on some music, grab a glass of wine and make it as fun as possible!


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