How My Client Tina Marcella Left the Music Industry
to Launch Her Freedom-Based Dream Business

tina-1Tina Marcella never had an issue following her passion in life. “Entertainment was always in my blood. Music and acting are my talents and for a long time I saw them as ‘my calling.’ I loved performing. The lights, the microphone, the crowd—I was home.”

After majoring in theater arts and tv production, Tina began her career in entertainment, traveling the world and performing for thousands of people in stadiums, theaters and concert halls while working two additional music industry jobs. She was supporting herself doing what she loved, but a few years after graduation, she realized she was cruising toward burnout.

“I was traveling with my band playing eight shows a week, running an entertainment company and working 12 hour days to make $50K a YEAR… it was exhausting. My mental and physical health began to suffer. And although I loved performing there was something more that I was missing.”

Along with being a seasoned performer, Tina was passionate about helping people. Known to give great advice, she had become a sought-after friend and confidant. She thought that if she could somehow blend her love of people with her love of performance, if she could share her craft with others—then she’d be in business.

Tina didn’t know where to begin building this new dream career, but when she stumbled upon the Divine Living Academy, she knew it was exactly what she was looking for. “Signing up for the Academy was a tina-2no brainer. Gina’s Paris video series made me instantly connect with her. Before that, I didn’t really think it was possible to be an entrepreneur. I knew somewhere in my ‘dreams’ that I wanted to be, but it seemed so out of reach. Now I saw just how much was available for me as a woman.”

By joining the Academy, Tina expected to learn how to launch a coaching business and achieve a Divine Living certification. What she didn’t realize was how much she would change on a personal level. “I learned more about myself than I thought was ever possible. I truly got out of my story and completely transformed.”

Within months, Tina had dropped that toxic money story so many of us pick up along the road of life: that burnout is the only path to success. She learned how to take great care of herself, define her own true worth and live by her own rules. She gave herself permission to live life unapologetically and her confidence began to skyrocket.

“Before the Academy, I charged very little for my services. Even in the entertainment industry, I did huge performances…not walking out with much. Now I know my worth and the value I can offer my clients. I realized that my advice is not free and that there is certainly enough money out there for everyone. Thanks to these new awarenesses, charging my worth has become almost effortless! I’ve had consistent 10k months this year and am now looking at my first 20k month!”

tina-3Tina not only gained perspective and clarity on who she is, she also figured out exactly who she wants to serve in the world. She’s honed her brand to focus on performance coaching, working with new and seasoned coaches who seek to be amazing on video. “I personally grew my business by making myself noticed and visible through video. People got to know my personality and I was able to form a bond with my clients. I think a good video, done authentically, can truly speak to the heart of anyone—especially ideal clients.”

With a successful freedom-based business and the confidence to stand up for her desires, Tina’s dream life is now falling into place. “I have up-leveled in so many ways—my look, the way I carry myself, my self-care. I now get regular massages, monthly nail and hair treatments, plus I work out and have never felt better. I’ve also surrounded myself with the most amazing people and let go of those who no longer serve me. I went from NEVER traveling (outside of work) to visiting Europe at least twice a year and other destinations three times a year. Because the Academy held me to such a high standard, every up-level is even more amazing than the next.”

We know this is only the beginning for Tina and cannot wait to see where her path takes her. If you’re looking to feel more confident getting your name, brand and personality out there, check out Tina’s top three tips for rocking your visibility below.

for rocking your visibility on video


Just Say Hello!

To find your ideal clients, you’ve got to develop the know, like and trust factor. Video is a great place to start. Clients need to know if they can relate to you, so being able to see your eyes and hear your voice makes a major difference. If you’ve never done video before, it’s easy to start small. A professional video has its time and place, but for a quick everyday marketing campaign, all you need is your smart phone camera and a tripod for it. Try making a 30 second video just to say hello and mail it to your list. Make sure you find good lighting and shoot horizontally rather than vertically to fill out the whole screen. Do a few test videos to check lighting, sound and positioning and to get yourself comfortable in front of the camera.

Deliver Your Message

Here’s how to prepare your message and deliver it with confidence. First create an outline and memorize your bullet points—it will keep you on track and allow your talk to “flow.” Then before you shoot, spend some time getting into the right state of mind. Repeat an affirmation like “I am awesome,” which carries a very high vibration and energy. Another thing you can do is smile as big as you can, relax the smile and repeat. It will make you feel good subconsciously and help stretch and loosen your jaw muscles. Before you begin remember that people will be watching because they WANT to hear what YOU have to say. So make it about them. Pretend someone just asked you, “What do you do?” or “How can YOU help me?” And then answer them as though they were right in front of you. It’ll come across super authentic and genuine!

FEEL GOOD by Looking Good

Dressing to impress instantly raises your vibration, so when you’re going to do a video (to send to your clients) make sure you look great by dressing on brand. If you are a rocker, let’s see it. If you’re a luxury brand, then take a look at how Gina shows up on video. Consider not only her clothes—but her location as well. Allow yourself the level of self-care that has you looking and feeling your best, so you’ll be a lot less likely to feel self-conscious in front of a camera. When you go to shoot, position yourself a few inches below the camera to instantly elongate you and keep your chin looking sleek. Remember to sit up tall with your chest out, allowing energy to flow up and out so that your clients will feel it too.

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