joanna-1“I was successful, but stressed, overweight and burnt out. I felt like it was killing me and I knew there must be something more.” As a Chartered Accountant, Joanna Turner worked a high-pressure corporate job that demanded all of her time. She was too busy to stop and think about what she really wanted out of life, but she had a feeling this wasn’t it.

Her journey to finding a new career as a coach and signing up for the Academy began—as it does for so many talented, wonderful women—with a wake-up call. “If you continue to ignore the signs from the universe,” she told me recently, “It sends you an even bigger one.” For Joanna, the big sign was a back injury that physically required her to slow down. Something had to change.

Sometimes it takes this kind of pivotal moment to open us up to transformation. With a new perspective on herself, Joanna felt a calling to help other overworked corporate women live happier, more balanced lives. So during her recovery, she began studying to become a Health Coach.

She transformed her relationship with food and made amazing progress, but at first, building her coaching business wasn’t easy. After 13 years in finance, Joanna had learned a lot about money, both good and bad. While her knowledge and experience was powerful, she realized she had been missing a key element. As she put it: “Everything I thought I knew about money was wrong.”

joanna-2So many of us experience this ah-ha moment, when we realize we hold a lot of negative beliefs about money—such as that there’s not enough in the world, it’s difficult to get, or it’s not okay to have. To become successful entrepreneurs, we all need to develop our wealth consciousness and practice a healthy relationship with money on a daily basis.

So Joanna decided to make some changes. She hired a coach to help remove her blocks about money, began studying advanced mindset methods like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and signed up for my signature 12 Month course, the Academy Business & Coaching Certification Program.

I’ve been working with Joanna for several months now on building her vision for a coaching business that integrates all of her passions, from health to biz building and clearing, and allows
joanna-3her to best serve the world. “This feels incredible, I’m great at coaching, and I’m excited to help people every day, which created exactly the momentum I needed.” Not only is her new biz meaningful, but it allows her the lifestyle she desires. I’m so proud to say that she’s already made $40k in just six weeks, and is on track to surpass her six-figure corporate salary in 2015, her first year as a coach!

“All this freedom to travel is a dream, and to be able to do what I love at the same time is such a joy.” I love to see members of the Divine Living Community bravely becoming visible, living unapologetically, and empowering other women to do the same! I’ve asked Joanna to reflect on her journey and share the three biggest things that have transformed her money story.

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1. Find the Right Mentor
As a Success Coach I help clients clear money blocks using a number of methods, my favorite being EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). The thing is, it’s very difficult to do on yourself and much more effective with a coach. I’d struggled to find the right person to work with as there are so few that specialize in it, but I finally found one, and it’s been a huge game changer in removing my blocks and finding greater clarity.

2. Strengthen Your Wealth Consciousness Daily
As part of the Academy curriculum, I’d studied a number of wealth consciousness books, but not on a consistent basis. And then I heard Gina suggest reading daily, so I started reading for 30 minutes a day and listening to as much as I could. The more you take in, the more it influences your language and thoughts, freeing you from the old limiting beliefs.

3. Become Visible
This has been huge. It’s one of my clients’ number one issues and I know people who are too embarrassed to even tell others what they do! Or, they delay having a photoshoot or filming any videos until they lose more weight! Well, I’ve learned that hiding is no way to attract clients. We have to share our gifts with the world! I started posting in Facebook groups, created my own Facebook group, sent regular newsletters, had a photoshoot, took every opportunity to speak at events and networked as much as I could—and it made a major difference.



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