hhhhh, the joy of jet setting! It’s about experiencing the world, having a global impact, and embracing a fabulous lifestyle.

So many women are tired and exhausted after an international flight, but not the Divine Living woman entrepreneur! We know how to take care of ourselves while traveling the globe and building our businesses in style.
If you let it be, getting on an international flight can be glamorous, luxurious and and done in a totally self loving way. It’s possible to fully enjoy every journey you take, from the moment you buy your ticket, to the moment your head hits the pillow at the ultra chic hotel suite you have booked. Because what could be more fabulous than flying to a city like Paris for a bit of work and play?
I used to go to Paris on vacations, but now that my trips are about business too I love the experience even more. I’ve developed something of a Divine Living routine when it comes to flying into Charles De Gaulle (CDG are my 3 fav letters!), which sets the tone for my whole trip. To give you a peek at how I do self-care on a long journey, here’s my Travel Diary describing my first 24 hours from LA to Paris. Enjoy!


reel-1Prep Smart
A frazzled woman is in service to no one, including herself. So I make sure that I’m well organized for stress-free travel. Before any trip to Paris, the first thing that happens is outfit planning, styling, and alterations (because Sam insists that all of my clothes are custom tailored to my body). I usually have work events scheduled as well as personal time before and after to fully enjoy the city, so Sam comes over and puts together all my looks and back-up looks, takes photographs of each, and lines up all my shoes and accessories. My personal assistant then packs me on the day before my trip (which saves me a few hours, and I can get more work done without staying up late). Everything is organized and ready to go—including my carry-on with my fully charged iPhone, iPad, and laptop.

For me, travel is no reason to slack on my appearance, but actually an opportunity to look and feel my best. Having my own travel style is one of the ways I feel calm, relaxed, and nourished while en route. When you’re chic and put together, you feel better about yourself and people treat you differently—and of course you want to be treated well when flying around the world. Plus, you never know who you’ll be sitting next to, especially in Business or First Class (which by the way, is where I met JLo’s life coach…mmmhhmm…Ms. Lopez I’m getting closer!).

So most importantly, on the day of my flight I have an appointment booked with a stylist for an in-home blow out (I save at least an hour not having to drive, park, get to the salon early and wait). I love traveling beautifully and who doesn’t love how they feel when they’ve just had their hair blown out? I also have a manicure, pedicure, and spray tan, so I am fully polished from head to toe. These Divine Living self-care rituals all support me in feeling put together and relaxed before my trip.

When it comes to what I wear, I do dress stylishly for travel—though I am not that woman walking around the airport in a white pantsuit and leopard stilettos. I aim for comfort as much as style, usually clad in elegant, drapey cashmere with layers to keep me warm, and my trusty Viajiyu flats.



reel-2Fly Beautifully
Under no circumstance do I travel with stress, so along with getting everything super organized, I always make sure we have plenty of time to get to the airport, and have a driver pick us up and drop us off door to door. I find airport parking quite confusing and stressful, plus the awkward and heavy handling of bags up and down elevators to get to check in is something I’ve eliminated as a form of self love. I also insist on having enough time to stop at Petrossian and celebrate—it’s never all work with me! Glenn and I aren’t so into the private lounges (with the bad Chardonnay), so instead we kick off our trip at LAX with a glass of Champagne, caviar, blinis, and crème fraiche at Petrossian’s beautiful gourmet boutique.

When going to Paris we fly Air France La Première as often as possible, which really is the crème-de-la-crème when it comes to VIP treatment. I’m escorted through security, my carry-on bags are taken to the plane for me, and when it’s time to board someone comes and gets me at Petrossian to make sure I arrive on time. The beautiful attendants in white gloves and hats then kindly escort me to one of four inviting cashew colored leather chairs. My body is reclined, comfortable and relaxed rather than crunched, scrunched and upright. Along with plush pillows and blankets, there’s also luxe set of pajamas and high-end amenities provided.

The flight for me is all about relaxing and indulging in this time unplugged. It gives me a chance to journal, have some time alone with my thoughts and just be as a woman. I’m glad that international flights don’t yet have internet, because I do not work on planes—never have, never will. Instead, I enjoy a glass of white Burgundy while pursuing the extensive video selection. I watch a movie and order a delicious dinner from the menu by Joel Robuchon whenever I’m hungry (rather than being forced to eat as the meal cart rolls by). After dinner I change into my AF pajamas and maybe put on another movie before fully reclining my chair into a flatbed and sleeping soundly under the comforter for a good eight hours.

I used to think traveling like this was just for celebrities, or that it was “overindulgent” and unnecessary. These days, I value my femininity, womanhood and self-care always, including when I travel. I think it’s important for us as women to never downplay our wellbeing by saying “it’s only a flight.”



reel-3Arrive in Style
I ask to be woken up with enough time to enjoy breakfast, change back into my travel clothes, and get freshened up. I always enjoy the beautiful Givenchy products provided by La Première, such as the rich eye-cream that does de-puffing magic. I also make sure to do my make-up so I feel confident, energized and ready to fully embrace Paris.
Without dealing with crowds or lines, once we land we’re escorted off the plane onto the tarmac where an Escalade is waiting. It takes me to collect my luggage before heading straight to my private car.

From there, I take a 45 minute ride from Charles de Gaulle to wherever I’m staying. In Paris I’ve checked in at the Four Seasons, the Ritz, the Peninsula and L’Hotel. Next on my list is definitely Le Bristol—where I’ve dined but have yet to stay.

Usually I’ll arrive before my room is ready and head straight to the spa, where I have a massage and another blow out booked. As I relax, I’ll have the butler service unpack my luggage and send my clothes for steaming. By the time I emerge from the spa totally refreshed, my room is ready with all of my things in place. This again saves me at least an hour and rather than unpacking I can answer emails, do some social media work and connect with my team.

After my work check-in, it’s time to get dolled up for a fab first night out. I change into something gorgeous, and Glenn and I go out to dinner somewhere we’ve been wanting to try. We then perhaps see one romantic evening sight before heading back to the hotel. I’m ready for bed, but also excited and enthusiastic to wake up in Paris and dive into an amazing couple of weeks (or months).

The way we treat ourselves as women is always important. Most of us have been taught to think that luxury is bad, wrong, unnecessary, shallow, overindulgent or a waste of money. What I’ve now learned is that high vibration is high vibration. And for those of us aiming to live at a high vibration, why would we travel at a lower one? Why would we discount our bodies, scrunch them up, and deprive them of sleep on a long flight, when normally we pride ourselves on eating organic, going to yoga and improving our wellbeing?

I will say this, all “first class” airlines are not created equal. I do find Air France, Emirates and Singapore to be among my favorites and definitely worth the extra investment in my happiness, comfort and self-care. Yet wherever we’re at in our careers, we always have the power to invest our time and love into giving ourselves the best possible treatment and setting ourselves up for jet set success.



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