Divine Living Named One of the Top 3 Visual Trends of 2016

Trend Forecaster Lynn Casey Tells Us Why

As women entrepreneurs, we start our businesses with a vision. We see things not as they are, but as they could be. Once our business is birthed, much like a child it starts to develop a life of its own, and a ripple effect is set in motion.

I recently experienced this with my brand in a way that was humbling, inspiring, and rewarding. I have a Google alert set up for “Divine Living,” (if you don’t have one for your name and your biz yet—do so today) and this time, it caught an article from the Huffington Post, wherein it was named one of the Top 3 Visual Trends of 2016—and described in a way that deeply resonated with me.

Intrigued, I asked my friend and Trend Forecaster Lynn Casey (featured earlier this month) to share her thoughts on the magic of seeing an idea you put out into the world resurface elsewhere—check out her brilliant take below. I also highly recommend reading the full HuffPo article as you consider what visuals you’ll create for your own brand this year. Ideas are for all of us to put our own unique spin on, so if “Divine Living” inspires you—go for it!


Shhhhhhhhh. LISTEN.


We have all taken these steps (or at least have thought about them!) in order to access our intuition. There is an inner voice available to us at all times that tells us where we need to go, and what we need to do. It’s time we listened.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the trends we are predicting for 2016. We received an outpouring of amazing feedback, and a great deal of excitement, particularly around the emergence of the desire to live a deeper, more purpose-filled life. So, it is incredibly exciting to see further confirmation of this movement—and of Gina’s mission for business and life.

Last week, the Huffington Post shared a trend article from Andrew Saunders, Senior Vice President of Creative Content at Getty Images. Getty Images is one of the largest stock photography sources in the world. It is the digital catalogue editors, artists, writers and business people turn to in order to source photos to populate their articles and proposals. This enables people like Andrew to see trends in the types of photos requested, and to interpret these requests, along with other overarching influences, into an anticipation report of what is to come. Mr. Saunders cited three major trends emerging from the request patterns Getty has been receiving. One of those three he entitled DIVINE LIVING. Yes. He did. (See an excerpt from the article in the side bar below.)

The author cited an increase in requests for photos showcasing the desire for a more purposeful life, and for images that reflect the challenge of achieving greater spirituality during a time of even greater consumerism. He predicts that 2016 will be a virtual collage of people seeking out a deeper meaning and purpose for their lives. This trend capture on the part of Getty reflects what is really the visual soundtrack of 2016—a call for a higher consciousness in how we live our lives.

Gina DeVee created her Divine Living manifesto and mission to lead people into a new way of life and business—to dig deeper, stretch farther, and to achieve their greater purpose. She believes firmly that by mining our best selves, and focusing on a higher purpose we can all create the most incredible lives possible.

So now, this mission is not only reaffirmed by trends I see in my business as a Trend Scout and Futurist, but also by one of the world’s largest visual resources. Simply stated, the world is hungry for purpose-filled lives. People are seeking a sense of mission, and a tool-kit to actualize a deeper and more meaningful life. Divine Living—Gina’s brainchild—is founded on this very principal. Her offerings are replete with well-honed tools and paths to achieve this bigger, richer life for both individuals, and for coaches looking to lead others. All of which speak to an incredible opportunity for all of us who have had the good fortune to cross paths with both Gina and her work.

So maybe it’s time to listen to that inner voice, because it’s no longer a whisper – it’s a roar!!

– Lynn Casey

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from Getty Images’ Andrew Saunders

Outsider In

“The ‘Outsider In’ trend celebrates rebellion, mavericks and non-conformists…We see people craving a unique point of view that celebrates the individual and being ‘different.’ To further understand how this will play out visually we can look for instance at how traditional notions of beauty are changing.”

Divine Living

“The ‘Divine Living’ trend grapples with the contradictions of consumerism and a desire to do that with more mindfulness and greater spirituality. We can expect to see not just introspection, but images that also show one looking outward for a deeper meaning.”

Extended Human

“’Extended Human’ is about the increasing impact technology is having on our lives and how we perceive the world around us. The ‘Extended Human’ is a move towards a more optimistic view of our relationship with technology and how it will provide advantages and choice.”




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