Is There Such a Thing 
as Too Much? 
Not for Vegas, and 
Not for Us Either


Believe it or not, the pink Oscar de la Renta caftan I’m wearing on the cover of this week’s issue is something I allowed myself to purchase only after some hesitation.

When I first saw it, my immediate reaction was “OH…YESSSSS!”

From the safety of my own little fantasy shopping day with Sam, I loved the feeling of being draped in such a beautiful silk material and felt like an iconic old Hollywood movie star in this extravagant gown.

And then the doubts came. “Oh, am I really going to spend this much on a caftan? Can I even wear this anywhere? What are people going to think? Is this just a little too much?”

Deep down, few things could feel more “me” than a masterpiece like this. And yet I would really have to stretch to own feeling comfortable wearing it in public, let alone on the cover of a magazine!

Ultimately, my truth and Vegas inspired me to go for it.

There’s a unique energy to every city and every place, and the energy in Vegas really does support you in being all that you are, exactly as you are.

There’s nowhere better to give yourself permission to live epically than Las Vegas. It’s almost impossible not to have fun and shine in this place where you don’t have to live by anyone else’s rules. You don’t have to be so tucked in all the time or do strictly what you “should” do. You can stay up a little bit later, linger over dinner a bit longer, spend a bit more money and treat yourself to what you desire. You escape the fear of judgment when everyone around you is freely enjoying their lives on their own terms too!


As I like to say, the beauty of Vegas is that it just didn’t get the memo that there was such a thing as too much.

Of course there can be a dark side to “too much”—the binge. Overdoing it can be a destructive pattern for many people, but, flipping the coin over, under-doing it can be just as harmful, stopping any creativity from happening in the first place.

What I see most often among women entrepreneurs is that it’s the under-doing that’s really holding us back. Most of us have been taught not to desire too much—not to allow ourselves to own extravagant clothing, or to have extraordinarily big desires.

One thing I know for sure is that suppressing our true desires as women and keeping a limited mindset is the fastest way to block our success.

For the longest time I allowed myself only the bare minimum—the cheapest plane ticket, the least expensive hotel room. I was constantly looking for deals and wouldn’t dare splurge on myself too much.

When I started to say yes to myself, that’s when I started to step into my own power, and from there was able to create more success. As women entrepreneurs, the only thing stopping us from really living out our dream life is us giving ourselves permission to shine. Looking at my past purchasing behavior, I started to think more carefully about whose rules I was living by.


To live a big life, our true life, it’s necessary that we ask ourselves: what would my life look like if there were no consequences or limitations?

While Vegas may always excel in supporting larger-than-life fashion choices, we women entrepreneurs can give ourselves permission to feel comfortable being our true selves no matter where we are. When it comes to creating meaningful careers and fabulous lifestyles, we can channel our inner Vegas with us wherever we go.

As you may have noticed, I am always seeking the next level of saying yes to myself. It’s how I’m able to grow my business, expand my creative expression, enjoy life to the fullest and have greater impact in the world.

So tear up whatever memo you have telling you who you can’t be. You won’t be needing that anymore! Here are the mindset methods you can use today to start saying yes to yourself in a larger-than-life, Las Vegas kind of way.





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diamond-1Keep Your Focus on Your Own Business

One of the most freeing realizations I’ve ever had is that it’s not my business what other people think of me. Instead of thinking about who’s going to judge you for being too much or living too large, shift your focus to the other people who are already at a high vibration who you will now be able to attract. When you stop making decisions based in fear, and instead focus on the positivity and love you desire to create, you’ll start to call in new and powerful opportunities for yourself. For every critic who is perhaps envious, or sees you as excessive, there’s someone else who will be inspired by what you’re doing…including yourself!

spade-2Invest in What Feels Good to You

When you trust in your desires, you never know exactly how they might lead to success, opportunities, and financial abundance. You don’t have to listen to anyone else’s idea of how much you are supposed to spend on things, you can follow your own intuition. For instance, I have spent what some people—(including my CFO) say is too much money on clothes. Well, I love fashion, I love playing with style, and I love how I feel in beautifully designed clothes. And apparently most of my clients feel the same way! So my CFO might look at how much money I’m spending on clothes and find it frivolous, but if you think about how many more clients I attract for being able to connect with them authentically, because they are inspired by my lifestyle and maybe they love my shoes too—I’ve found with a brand like Divine Living, fashion is a good investment!

hearts-3When You’re Hesitating, Check Yourself. Ask “Says Who?”

That “who are you to be this glamorous” voice that piped up as soon as I started to consider purchasing the Oscar de la Renta gown? Perhaps you have one too? Maybe it’s echoing society, your parents, your friends—but more accurately it’s just expressing someone else’s fears. The dream-interrupter comes in when you’re thinking about upgrading your airline ticket and says something like, “You can’t spend that much to fly first class.” Well here’s what you say: “Says who?” Really, ask yourself. You’ll quickly find what your true voice is and what is someone else’s—and you are after all, the only authority who matters. When you make your own rules, that’s when you can live like the Queen of Vegas, no matter where you are.

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