Loving the Journey
Learning from the Women Who’ve Transformed
Their Health & Fitness

The health and wellness issue may be coming to a close, but my health journey is only just beginning.

As you’ll learn in this month’s Behind the Divine, my goal of getting in the best shape of my life is something I’m still working toward—however I won’t be giving up!

So for our final week, I’m finding inspiration in the women entrepreneurs who’ve already created major transformations around food, fitness and health in their own lives.

First up we have celebrity fitness guru Mandy Ingber, the creator of YOGALOSOPHY and preferred yoga instructor to A-listers like Jennifer Aniston. You won’t want to miss Mandy’s wise thoughts on self-care, getting in shape and why yoga makes you stronger inside and out.

Next we’re introducing you to the woman entrepreneur duo behind the DLM team’s favorite home-delivery cleanse, SOUPURE. Check out our interview with savvy founders Angela and Vivienne to find out why souping is the new juicing and receive 10% off your first soup cleanse!

And if you love our monthly DLM horoscopes, then now’s your chance to get to know the woman behind them. This week our resident astrologer Jenn Racioppi is sharing her amazing story of overcoming anxiety and battling cancer as a teenager, reminding us all that self-love is the best foundation for a healthy life.

Also sharing her incredible journey of transformation is Divine Living Academy alum Angie Renick-Hayes, a mother of eight who naturally healed herself of cancer by slowing down and listening to her body. Read her story to find out how she took control of not only her health, but her career, building a business that works for her family.

While we didn’t jet-set this month, I’m excited to announce we do have a very special edition of the Divine Living Guide! For those of you who are with me in this spring detox, we’ve put together the best in nourishing cleanses, stylish activewear, fabulous fitness routines and technology to take it all to the next level. Enjoy—and I’ll see you next month with our first anniversary issue!

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