What Divine Living Means for
the Modern Man & Global Citizen


Glancing from a distance, one might jump to the conclusion that the Divine Living magazine is all about shoes and handbags. If it were only that, maybe I wouldn’t be able to relate. As a masculine guy with not the best eye for style or branding, fashion is mainly something I think looks great on my wife. I do however understand that visual expression is a wonderful element of the feminine energy (which exists in all of us). And I appreciate that in our world today, that energy is finally being allowed to thrive.

As CEO of this company, I’ve been googling “Divine Living” for several years now. For a long time, rarely did I find very many hits outside of mentions of Gina or our own website. Then this past January, a Huffington Post article popped up, projecting three visual trends we would be seeing in media and photography for the coming year. Number two was called “Divine Living,” and it described visuals that reflect the human search for meaning and the call to a more spiritual way of life, which coincidentally is at the heart of everything we do here at Divine Living.

glenn-quote-1I am proud to be a part of the shift in consciousness that is visibly occurring on this planet right now. Our world is in need of tremendous change. Our masculine ways of being and doing have long been out of balance, and there is no question we are beginning to see the rise of a feminine consciousness that values compassion, empathy, interconnectedness and intuition, as well as the presence of empowered women (and men) who choose to embody those values. (Thank God!)

If you believe in and desire a more harmonious future for humanity, you will note that bringing the feminine energy into the equation will be essential. Personally, I can say I’ve benefitted a lot from balancing my own energies and I’ve seen that to be the case for many men and women. Most of us have been brought up with a masculine mentality that prioritizes linear thinking, planning and control, especially when it comes to school, work and business. By consciously integrating a feminine perspective into my approach, I’ve learned to live more from my heart. I’ve become more connected to my intuition and on a daily basis I feel less anxiety and more joy.

On a larger scale, you can see the feminine energy showing up and creating positive change in so many ways. I’ve observed it in the way people are organizing their companies, with greater thought to the wellbeing, happiness, passions and livelihoods of their team members and really considering them as full human beings who deserve to be supported. And while oppression and violence is not yet eradicated from our world, we see evidence everywhere that people are becoming more tolerant of diversity and conscious to the fact we are truly all in this together, that we have more than enough for everyone, and that things do not have to be the way they’ve always been.

glenn-quote-2Divine Living for me represents this different way of being on this planet. For all of us on this journey to better ourselves and have a positive impact, we have the opportunity to design our lives and businesses in entirely new ways that reflect the changes we want to see in the world. At Divine Living it is of course our mission to empower women to become visible and create the financial freedom to live out their dreams. To bring our world into energetic balance, we need women to be living the lives they truly desire, rather than the ones that somebody else, or society, has put on them.

It’s important however, that our mission isn’t achieved at the expense of the wellbeing of our team members. Again, a balanced approach to business considers the whole, not only the goal, and values collaboration over competition. In our company, we try to create a lifestyle that allows our team members to share in our success. Gina as our leader, brings us a vision that’s aligned with our purpose, and she knows that it takes the entire team working together to create that vision. Valuing that collaboration allows everyone to prosper and why should it be any different? Baseball fans will agree—it takes a great team, not just a really good pitcher, to win the championship.



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