It was such a joy and honor to have Amanda Bucci as the guest on the Divine Living podcast! Many of you already know her, but for everyone who doesn’t, you’re in for a treat. 

Amanda is a true inspiration for me, especially when it comes to Instagram and social media. She was amazingly generous in our talk and shared some real wisdom about social media with us. I’m so excited for you to learn about becoming a Queen on social media!

Amanda is an intuitive and holistic business mentor and social media strategist for creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs. She helps personal brands and creative entrepreneurs create their own lanes in the market. 

With millions of people supporting and following her on Instagram, YouTube, and her podcast, Amanda is unstoppable. Her mission is to help people build the business of their dreams and be authentically themselves while doing it. What an inspiration! 


From Rhode Island to Los Angeles


Amanda grew up in the small state of Rhode Island, and although she seemingly had it all figured out, she always felt there are better things out there. Amanda was lit up about fitness, but she didn’t feel she had a supportive community in her hometown. That’s when she started posting on Instagram. Social media gave her an outlet to share her excitement with like-minded people, and she fell in love with it immediately!

Yearning to be around more of those like-minded people, Amanda jumped on the opportunity to move out to California when one of her friends invited her. Although she didn’t have any money, she found a job, went to gyms, met people, and found a level of excitement that was never available in Rhode Island. 

With that realization, Amanda packed her bags and officially moved to LA. She was balancing between her nursing degree and full-time fitness coaching, and in 2016, she went all in. Her subscriber count jumped from 6,000 to 100,000 in her first six months on YouTube. The best part was, she was building a thriving community and sharing her message with the world. 

After a couple of years and with a lot of first-hand experience, she started teaching people how to build a business and social media audience. It’s all been a swift journey, and it started by just saying YES to what feels right. 


How to Find Your Tribe on Social Media


When you share your personality, your thoughts, your experiences, your opinions, your life, your day-to-day, you become a magnet for others who are interested in what you’re doing. We follow people because their thoughts resonate with ours, or we get some value from them. Or you simply connect on a human level. 

By putting yourself out there and being truly authentic, you will attract people who are the right match for you. With a perfectly curated feed that hides your true self, you attract many random people who are never going to become clients or friends. So the first thing: become a magnet for your audience.

Another critical aspect of social media is engagement. Collaborate, connect, join communities, find groups you like, dive deep into your niche interests. Learning about yourself and representing yourself authentically makes it easy for people to find you and follow you. 

The easiest way is to be clear and upfront about who you are, but this is also a big challenge. It’s not easy to show up in that way and open yourself to judgment, but it’s all part of the journey. Amanda recommends that we look at it as an opportunity to grow and become more emotionally resilient, and I totally agree. 


Don’t Worry About Competition


One of the best paths to take is to choose your niche, stand out by being honest about your life and experiences, and bring value with your expertise. And although many people are teaching the same thing, all of them have different audiences. Why is that? Well, people want to follow and learn from someone who they find relatable. What’s most personal is most universal, and there are definitely people out there who belong in your tribe. The only way to find them is to show up in all your Queenly authentic glory!


Be Intentional About Content Creation


There are days when we feel lit about posting on social media, and there are days when we don’t. Some of us are really talented writers, while others dread it. Amanda recommends that you tap into your passions for those of you who are like me and who have a hard time getting excited about social media. 

What have you written in the past? What has activated an extraordinary emotion for you? What are you lit up about? What do you hate in your industry? What is that thing that you want to shout from the rooftops?

Once you find that, the energy of that passion will inform everything you do. And of course, there are days when we don’t feel like working. Still, for everyone who wants to develop a business through social media, consistency is the key. One way to hack this issue is to create situations that help you feel excited more often. Maybe you decided to write your posts during one weekend and schedule for the entire month. Perhaps you will use a journal to write ideas or a vision board. Whatever makes you inspired, go for it. 


How to Strategize and Create Your Content


The first thing about social media is your feed, consisting of pictures and images. You have three seconds to capture the attention of people who stumble upon your account. This is your business card, your elevator pitch, so make sure you’re dressed to impress. 

Depending on what you do, there will be different types of posts you need to have. Amanda was crazy generous and shared some practical advice and examples. Here we go!


Copy for Your Business


These types of posts fit into your broader launch strategy and are directed towards your ideal client. You want to focus on the benefits of your product or service and pitch your ideas. This is copywriting heavy words with clear calls to action and a language that speaks directly to your buying audience. 


The Stories We Tell


By analyzing her Instagram insights, Amanda found that storytelling posts were the ones that brought her the most new followers. Why is that? Everyone loves stories. From movies to books to meeting friends over coffee, we tell and listen to stories every day. Storytelling content gives you a chance to share your experiences and offer valuable lessons. 


Educate Your Audience 


Depending on your industry, you want to provide clear value to your followers. Whether that’s a post like “Five Tips for Social Media Engagement” or “Ten Ways to Stay on Track With Your Diet,” these posts offer information and solve people’s problems. These are the types of posts people will want to save and go back to, over and over.


Viral Content


What makes a post go viral? Relatability. It’s when you see a meme and think to yourself: “I couldn’t have said that better.” When we see posts like that, we immediately want to share them. If you focus on creating a viral post from time to time, you will reach bigger audiences and attract a lot of traffic. People share things they agree with. It’s up to you to find those super relatable thoughts that resonate with your audience and add your own fun twist. 

If you’re struggling to figure out what to post, find a model of excellence on social media that you can follow. Find someone in your niche, who you respect, and who inspires you, and model their success story. 

Content strategy is also incredibly important, and it mostly depends on your current goals. Whether you want to grow your audience and get more sales, be clear on your business objectives. This is the basis of any strategy, and it will help you decide on a content strategy.

For example, suppose you go through a launching week with a lot of pitching posts. In that case, the end of the launch is a perfect opportunity to tell a story and create some lighter content that gives a lot of value. Try to establish a balance between the gift mode, the serving mode, and the entertaining mode.


Dealing with Haters


When you receive hate or judgment online, the thing to remember is that social media reflects the collective consciousness, and there are a lot of people asleep. Just existing on social media, no matter what you do, it’s going to trigger people. Simply put, social media is a mirror for everyone’s problems. Some people aren’t so gracious to work on it privately. Your fierce existence could be triggering to people who are afraid to take ownership of their full potential. 

It’s normal to feel down in the dumps when faced with hate, but as Queens, we get to take another approach. We can become emotionally resilient and stop looking for external validation. Whether that’s positive or negative feedback, our goal should be having a neutral attitude. We don’t give our power away to other people. 

Even better, we can ask ourselves: “Why is this comment triggering me?” Questions like that create a lot of space for personal growth. Haters can also inspire us to master our craft and become absolute experts. 

In the end, haters can help you become your best self if you approach the situation from the highest point of view and see it as an opportunity for growth. 

We are who we are, and we need to stop apologizing for it. That’s what diving living is all about, and that’s what “The Audacity to Be Queen” can teach you. 

Let our social media become a space for us to celebrate our Queenhood and connect with other Queens who have the audacity to be 100% themselves!

My dahlings, I hope you learned as much as I did from Amanda! If you want to stay in touch with her, go follow her at @amandabucci. Check out her website for courses, programs, and more awesome social media tips!

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