Based on Gina DeVee’s first book,

The Audacity to be Queen


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In every woman lives a Queen who is confident, poised and clear on her calling. This new 8-part training course, supplementary to my first ever book, The Audacity to be Queen, is your chance to awaken this deeper power within so you can create spectacular success on your own terms.

With The Audacity to be Queen, never again will you question your dreams or doubt your talents. Queens are now modeling how to be spiritual, wealthy, fulfilled and free to have it all.

Welcome to the ultimate Queen course that will guide you through some of the most important aspects of stepping into your Queenhood while providing simple takeaways and mindset shifts you can implement on a daily basis.

HERE’S what

THE audacity to bE queen

VIDEO COURSE includes:

  • 3 Inspiring Queen meditations
  • Creating Your Epic Life training replay
  • Audacity to be Queen 8-week video course
  • In-depth Audacity To Be Queen workbook complimenting each video


  • 5 training + Q&A call replays from Gina DeVee and this community of Queens
  • A thriving Facebook group to connect with the other women
  • A private membership site housing your Queen materials and replays for you to re-visit ANYTIME!



Welcome to Your Epic Life!

In this first week, I take you to the starting point of everything: your vision. Moving into prayer and a guided meditation, I help you discover (or re-discover) your big, juicy dreams, your passion, and your purpose. Bringing it to the forefront of your mind and envisioning every tiny detail.

Next, you’re guided to shift out of your fantasy-based “princess mentality” and instead step into the power of your new “Queen mentality” of “how can this happen for me?” Narrowing down what you can do right now to take a step in this direction and use the superpowers that I uncover to help guarantee your success.


Becoming Queen

Get ready to learn the story that changed EVERYTHING for me. This is where the Queen archetype took life for me and in Module 2, I share it all with you! You’ll be pleased to discover that the meaning of “Queen” actually means sooo much more than crowns, jewels or royal robes. These lessons are timeless and demonstrate what true feminine leadership is all about; the blend between masculine and feminine energies. You’ll complete this week knowing that every woman has a calling, people to serve, and a clear personal vision.


Transform Your Money Story

Welcome to Module 3 on your Money Story! Every woman has a money story. After hearing mine, we’ll be diving deep into uncovering yours! In uncovering your money story, you’ll see whose “rules” you’ve been playing by that no longer serve you, and how to transform them. With practical steps and concrete instruction, I will guide you into creating your own money rules from the position of your new Queen-mentality. Welcome to abundance!


Communicating Like a Queen

In this module, I help break down one of the most difficult concepts in life and business: communication. Communication with yourself, your loved ones and within your business doesn’t have to be a mystery and you don’t have to fear the perceived judgment of being a “bitch” when you desire to get your needs met. There is a way to communicate like a Queen and create a win-win for everyone involved.


The Archetypes Running the Show

In Module 5, I guide you to uncover the many different archetypes controlling your belief system, conditioning, and the way that you operate on a daily basis.

Are you acting as “Little Miss Perfect”? The “Roller Coaster Rider”? Or maybe the “Saboteur”? You can’t transform what you’re not conscious of. So welcome to the module that will be shedding light on which archetype has been running your show and how to transform yourself into Queen.


How to be Certain

Are you ready to strengthen your ultimate “sexiness factor”? Aka CERTAINTY! A Queen is certain in her decisions, she has a deep knowing, spiritual guidance, and trust that she can, and will, make things happen. There is no such thing as a weak woman, and only Princesses allow themselves to remain confused. Welcome to your Module on certainty with a few inspiring stories and lessons from me on how to create it within yourself on a daily basis.


Being the Queen of Your Relationships

Have you been stuck in “Princess mode” with your relationships? Whether you’re in a romantic relationship, desire to call in a new relationship or would like to use this module to help guide you through other relationships in your life, this week is all about cultivating the royal romance you deserve. From creating and living according to your values, setting boundaries, prioritizing pleasure and play, raising your standards and learning the male archetypes to look out for. This week’s training is here to guide you in creating the relationship dynamic(s) you desire.


Your New Queen-Consciousness

You’ve now done the inner work to discover your ultimate vision, activate your spiritual superpowers, tap into your feminine power as Queen, receive your money makeover and take charge of your belief system. In this final Module, you will get clear on how you can step into your new way of being, Queen. No longer will you be playing small or living by your out-dated beliefs. This new wave of women knows that the epic life is here, and they are using some of these exact qualities that I discuss in this module to actively pursue it (and grasp it!). This module takes you through the many facets of the new Queen consciousness and will guide you into bringing your new way of being into the world starting TODAY.


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Video Course and Workbook includes how to:

  • Develop unshakeable spiritual confidence in your unique abilities
  • Be seen and recognized for your highest talents
  • Make, invest and enjoy moneywith fulfillment & freedom
  • Achieve your goals with purpose, pleasure and certainty
  • Communicate like a Queen so your desires are honored
  • Attract or cultivate a devoted & exciting romance

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What would your life look like if you no longer had to stress about money, permission, relationships or opportunities?

What if all the guilt or self-doubt that’s stopping you from fulfilling your life purpose was replaced with complete certainty in the one-of-a-kind contribution you’re meant to make?

In this video course, I’m guiding you through this inside-out transformation that will give you the unshakable confidence that all your other attempts at success have been missing by integrating spirituality, psychology, ancient wisdom, archetypes, neuroscience, femininity, leadership training and business strategy to help you access the best version of you.

The world needs driven, spiritual women like us in positions of POWER, and that includes you, so claim your throne!


THE audacity to bE queen


  • A membership site complete with 3 inspiring bonus meditations, the Epic Life training replay and all 8 video trainings.
  • An active and engaged private Facebook group and community of Queens.
  • 5 training + Q&A call replays from Gina DeVee and this community of Queens
  • 8 Module videos including deep prayers and guided meditations to help you stay connected to Source throughout your transformational journey
  • An in-depth course workbook with clear steps and practical tools to help you: discover your vision, transform your money story, communicate like a Queen, overcome the archetypes that are holding you back, strengthen your relationships and create certainty and your new Queen-consciousness.
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Hi, I’m Gina DeVee, founder of Divine Living, author of The Audacity to be Queen and coach to a global community of driven, spiritual women who are stepping into dream careers and lifestyles. Before I discovered Queenhood, I thought the only way to be successful was to “be practical,” work harder, save my latte money and take on extra jobs just to scrape by on the bare minimum…

So instead of living my purpose, I wasted my entire 20s working around the clock as a struggling psychotherapist in Michigan (with a Master’s
Degree in clinical psychology), while my gifts and talents went 99% untapped!

Then, after years of doing what everyone else said I “should” do, I realized what I really desired: to be successful and FEMININE. Spiritual and wealthy. To share my highest gifts, make a difference in people’s lives and enjoy my own life to the fullest! That’s when I discovered the Queen archetype. Being Queen isn’t just for celebrities and royals. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle for every woman to answer her calling in glorious style…

Within months, I moved to Los Angeles, called in my King of a soulmate, attracted high-end clients that took me over the 6-figure mark, and created a brand and following that now sustains a multimillion-dollar business and team of 20+. I didn’t create my success by grinding the hardest, sacrificing family and friends or waiting for a really long time, hope-addicted for “things to click.” Instead, I grew my own business while traveling the world, taking amazing care of my health, spending quality time with my man, enjoying the finer things in life, and most importantly—

Doing the life-changing work I am meant to do in the world, and nothing less.

I’ve now dedicated my career to mentoring thousands of women to step into their Queenhood and becoming visible in their careers. From here, first-ever book, “The Audacity to be Queen” and this video course was born!

I am so excited to share with you the same lessons that have truly transformed my life, finances, career and relationships.

Together, we’re showing up as women making a difference.


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