Taking time to live. That’s #divineliving.✨

Those of us who are entrepreneurs have created our businesses to make a difference in the lives of others and to safeguard our freedom. And yet too often (I know from personal experience) we just create employment gigs for ourselves that are more consuming than 9-5 jobs.

It’s not the hours you put in that creates success. It’s not how hard you work. It’s how spiritually connected and aligned with your soul that creates the big results.

When you’re inspired, passionate and dare I say obsessed with your calling, this is when you become a magnet for every level of abundance, opportunity, and it feels like “effortless accomplishment” (ACIM)

Give yourself permission to work less, play more, value creativity and what sets your soul on fire. You’ll see the clients show up, the money flow in, the soulmate appear, and the solution become clear. When you trust in and live by spiritual law, your life will be living proof…it works.💖

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