Reason #9476 I love living in Italy


Every week I get to shop in Florence’s oldest market that dates back to 1873. Walking into mercato di Sant’Ambrogio early in the morning has me starting to feel like a local. All of the fresh products sold of course are (mostly) from the region and the vendors take such pride in their craft. There’s something so special + beautiful about the old ways. There’s richness in developing relationships with your local cheese guy, fish guy, focaccia guy etc. 

I’ve found myself drooling as I take the time to curate each week’s instaworthy recipes before shopping for the ingredients at the market. 

I prioritize my passions living here. One of them is to spend time (almost daily) cooking. Glenn and I make our own stock, soups, stews (I’ve been loving the winter vibes) and even made a sourdough starter for our homemade bread.

Whatever your passions are, life is so much more divine when you give yourself the time and space for what is important to you outside of work. 

You’ll see, the more you say yes to pleasure, the higher your vibration and the more you’ll attract your good to you.✨Every level of abundance is available to you. And no, you don’t have to go get it and “make it happen”.

When you say yes to your truth, no matter how counterintuitive, the miracles of new clients, big opportunities, and financial miracles will flow your way.

Here’s to developing a recipe for life that you love!

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