One of the commitments I made to myself when I moved to Italy was to prioritize pleasure *during* week days.

I’m pretty great at it on weekends and even most evenings, however I used to let my life be very work focused M-F 9am-6pm.

As meaningful as my work is and as much as I enjoy it, I’m craving a divine living not just a divine working life.

So for me that includes more time for tasting new recipes, enjoying more coffee dates, exploring new adventures and having more time to BE, look out the window and sit near the crackling fire.

We’ve been given so many reminders about how short and precious life is. This is our reminder to design a life we love.  Not one day. Not just on the weekends. Today and everyday. ❤️

P.S. If you want the roasted tomato soup recipe DM me!

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