What a glorious season spring is literally and symbolically. 🌸🌿🌷☀️🐞

Spring literally of course is about coming out of hibernation and evolving into the freshness of new life.  In Italy I see buds on trees start to blossom, baby lambs by the flock, bees pollinating the lavender flowers on rosemary bushes.  All sorts of new life waking up and coming out into the sun.

So it got me thinking.  What am I waking up to right now?  What new life is meant to come through me? (don’t worry this is where we go from literal to figurative, people!) What more evolved message am I carrying? What is the theme for this next season about for me?

I bet you’re starting to wonder many similar questions for yourself.  Let’s do it together then.  Coming from a place of what IS possible?  What IS most important to me at this time in my life? How can my life be best used for the good of humanity? What will I start saying “no” to? In what ways do I desire to be more creative?

I don’t even need the answers to these questions to feel fulfilled right now.  There’s such joy merely in the questioning.  Help me out with some juicy ones…what are you asking yourself at the start of this season?

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