I treasure my alone time. ✨

Time to just sit and linger over a cup of coffee.☕️Stare out the window. Wonder.  Dream. Imagine.

It’s in my alone time that I can hear the whispers of God speak through my intuition, which has me feel supported and divinely guided. 🙏🏽 It’s when I’m placing undivided attention on me that the heavens open up and the breakthrough solutions appear in more glorious ways than I could have manufactured on my own.

Modern day women are deprived of the feminine wisdom that comes from solitude, unless we give ourselves permission for solo dates and adventures. 👑

It was on a solo trip to upstate New York less than a year ago that my Own Your Throne class, retreat and mastermind went from an invisible idea to thriving programs that transformed thousands of lives.

It was on a solo adventure through Europe last fall that ended the 6 month mystery of “where should I live?” saga to effortless accomplishment of moving to Italy and dropping me into a dreamy Tuscan farmhouse and a new thriving community of like-minded friends.

I know how good for the soul (aka necessary) these solo adventures are for burned out women, busy moms, bored corporate executives, and barely breathing entrepreneurs. Which is why I’m delighted to share that I’m opening up my Transformation in Tuscany retreats starting June 2023. ☀️

P.S. Your soul will high-five you if you DM me for details.❤️

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