Living more is what life is ALL about 🥂💖

How long have you been saying, “One day I’ll…”

*send in my resignation 

*leave this relationship

*start my dream biz

*discover my calling

*travel to Italy ???

I think for modern day women, many of us have these “fantasy future dates” of when our lives will magically come together.  Which is why the fantasy is always in the future, never being lived in the present moment.

Over thinking = underwhelming lives.  

Over working = unlived lives

Over giving = self-abandoned lives

Indecision keeps us stuck.

Waiting for everything to line up perfectly is futile.

As Queens, our lives change when we make one decision. Just that “next step decision” is all it takes to receive the miracles we yearn for in our lives. We don’t have to know all the answers. We don’t even need to know how it’s going to unfold. 

We do, actually we MUST, start showing up more bravely and with more faith on behalf of our dreams.👑

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