Second-guessing yourself?

Is it just me or do you say things and then all of the sudden make up a story that you shouldn’t have said what you said and assume (aka “are sure”) that the other person is not pleased with you in some way, when nothing of the sort was occurring with the other person?

Or get an incoming text and presume a particular person is canceling plans with you, when in reality they were just confirming date and time?

Or see an email from a certain client and fear opening it because they’re “of course wanting a refund” when they merely had a simple question.

When we are disconnected from our soul and our intuition, paranoia runs deep.

The more time we spend connecting with her in our world, healing parts of ourselves that need strengthened, and aligning with the abundance of the universe, fear and anxiety dissipate, and the strong, beautiful, bold, you emerges.

It’s time for us to feel safe within our bodies, exactly as we are.

When we function from our Queen-self, our highest self, we access the solutions we seek and what used to seem impossible becomes our reality.

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