“Create a life you don’t want a holiday from.”

I read this somewhere on instagram today.

Not that long ago I either would’ve thought the person who wrote that was crazy, OR, that kind of life didn’t happen for someone like me.

Well, today is a holiday in Italy and we’re headed to a friend’s winery for a BBQ.

Tomorrow I’m on coaching calls with clients who light up my soul.

Wednesday we’re off to London for fun. 

Last week when I was working with one of my coaches, she said to me, “Gina, you’ve really discovered divine living.”

It’s true.  And it’s possible for us all.  It’s actually the way life is meant to be lived.

To get here I’ve had to let go and shed a lot, and do the inner work that has led to the outer bliss.

If you’re craving more divine living in your life, join me for my Transformation in Tuscany retreat. Together we’ll create a life you won’t want a holiday from as well❤️

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