Don’t be afraid to slow down.

I know society makes us believe that to be successful we must achieve more, go faster, work harder, and be more productive.

I suppose it depends on how you define a successful life.  For me a flourishing life involves achieve quality friendships, go adventure, work less and be more fulfilled.

Since 2021 I’ve been receiving the spiritual guidance to move my life in a direction that would have me savor the joy of living, and have my life revolve around pleasure more than work for work’s sake.

Today I savor alone time, watching sunsets with Glenn, spending time with new friends, facilitating exceptional (more than ever) transformations with private clients and mastermind members, and being creative in the kitchen.

I don’t take credit for the client transformations.  It’s very obvious to me how alive and well the Holy Spirit is in our sessions.  I do know however, that being less busy and not at all focused on funnels or strategy has made my intuition a portal for the divine like never before.  Wisdom comes from places I know aren’t me.  It’s from this way of being with my clients that clarity comes, healing takes place and opportunities appear “out of nowhere”.  It’s beautiful to watch. It’s an honor to witness.

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