your current life is what you used to dream about…

I know you have big dreams, and if you’re like most of us, you’re probably obsessed with:

*Why you’re not further ahead?

*Wondering if the dream will ever happen for you?

*What does she have that I don’t?

*Everything you haven’t yet accomplished

Take a moment to reflect today on:

*Where were you at in your life/work one year ago today?

*What about the way you’re living/working today is what you used to wish for?

*What IS amazing about your life today?

This little Palm Beach throwback with @ashleystahl and @karissakouchis brings me so much joy. 🥰 🌴 I used to spend more time working than living.  I used to be more isolated than rooted in friendship.  I used to dream about traveling the world, serving amazing clients and having epic friends. I have dreams I haven’t accomplished yet too. And today I savor what I have manifested. ❤️

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