This is a short and sweet episode to get directly to the point Queen, and that’s why are you settling?!

The truth is every woman finds herself settling in some area of her life, at some point in her life, whether it be in love, money, health, business, you name it. (I was there!!) 

Yet, we have the power to transform. We have the power to create our reality. We have the power to manifest all the things that delight us. Sometimes, we just need a reminder of how capable we truly are…so here it is!

Tune into this episode and let’s begin transforming your top 3 areas today.


  • Take an honest inventory of where you’re currently settling (1:04)
  • How you create your reality with your thoughts (5:00)
  • My story of overcoming resistance to write my first book (5:40)
  • You are worthy of your desires (8:18)
  • A practice designed to transform your top 3 areas (8:57)



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