Episode 5

Your ordinary life ends here. Deep down, you are a QUEEN, and you are being called to greatness!

In this Episode, I’m sharing my favorite ancient story of Queen Esther of Persia to reveal to you:

  • What the Queen archetype is, and how it will unlock your most powerful, yet feminine self
  • How feminine leadership will revolutionize the dynamics in your business, career, home life and relationships for the better
  • The unexpected ways to empower yourself to live YOUR truth, attracting MORE of what you desire & less of what you don’t
  • Why everything in your life has prepared you to finally answer your soul’s calling and step up to serve your people!
When you
SHOW up as Queen, life gets EPIC!

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P.S. What did you get out of Queen Esther’s epic tale? Let’s discuss this legendary story in the comments below!

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