My dahlings, this is going to be a quintessential Divine Living episode. At the moment, I’m on a mission to create more space in my life for receiving the awareness and insights that I need. And that ability to receive, that’s one of the greatest feminine arts.

What does it even mean to receive? I’d say it’s all about noticing and taking in the things that nourish your soul. Whether that’s receiving flowers or reading your favorite books, the feminine means creating the space for beauty.

However, somewhere along the lines, women picked up the lies that they couldn’t receive, or began to felt awkward and uncomfortable around it. Deeming it as greedy, unnecessary, or ‘not for them’…

That ends today!

This episode is here to help you release the guilt around the feminine art of receiving: whether it’s receiving more romance, play, passion, exciting new ideas, a compliment, flowers, support in your business or around the house… it’s time to open up to what’s meant for you and graciously accept it!

So where is your next uplevel for receiving? Is it in your personal relationships, your work, your relationship with yourself?

Let me know, I would love to hear your stories!

Key points discussed

  • Let prayer be the first thing we do today (01:00)
  • Receiving from the realm of the feminine (05:31)
  • How to create beauty all around you (11:05)
  • Give yourself permission to invest in YOU (13:16)
  • Break your routines from time to time (16:24)
  • What are the areas where you could receive more? (20:16)
  • Feminine leaders are the leaders of the future (23:14)

Additional resources

I’d be so grateful and honored to hear your takeaways! Screenshot this episode and tag me on Instagram at @ginadevee or just shoot me a DM. Let’s get talking, my dear Queens!

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