I’m thrilled that you are showing up to powerfully claim what this NEXT version of you looks like! I’ve created this brand new meditation especially for you.


Thoughts grow stronger as they are shared. What you see, hear, think, or feel in this meditation could lead to your next big breakthrough! And I’m here to help you capture all of the components of it. Please be sure to download this journal exercise below and fill it out after you complete the meditation.

Enjoy the materials, Queen!

Much love,

Gina DeVee

P.S. The possibilities that await you are unlimited! Take it from some of the women just like you in the Divine Living Community:

Allyson Chavez

Utah, USA


“My business has completely turned around since I started working with Gina! I literally went from $0 in my account to $232,000 in just six months! She taught me how to expand my wealth consciousness, love serving people through sales, and become a master of sales, all in the most feminine and Queenly way!

What a relief that I can be successful in business as a woman, and still honor my femininity to create wealth with ease, joy, and flow!”

Darieth Chisolm

Pennsylvania, USA

My Coaching Business Income Grew, and with Greater Impact!

“Having the right mentor who has a proven track record of success is paramount. Gina DeVee has proven this year after year. In this couple of years of being in the Divine Living Academy and Empress, my visibility and multimedia coaching business income grew significantly!

More importantly, I have honed and improved my coaching skills and created amazing life long friendships with other women in this worldwide community.

While coaching is a portion of the work that I do, as an Emmy Award-winning TV host and former news anchor, author, speaker, activist, and filmmaker, learning directly from Gina, I have gained additional knowledge to deepen my personal development to greater impact others. I’m excited about what’s to come and the lives we all change thanks to Gina and Divine Living.”

Monica Alvarez

Texas, USA


“I still remember the first time I heard Gina say: “Imagine the day you will wake up to a full inbox with notes from your clients, thanking you for all the amazing help you have given them and thrilled to be working with you because you have TRANSFORMED their life”. I thought to myself: God, please grant me the miracle to see all those amazing emails. And
most importantly, I started visualizing every day how seeing them would make me feel.

Today, not only do I receive ongoing emails, messages, and calls, but I also praise Gina for helping me step into my true potential so that I can serve at my highest level.

After 6 months in the Divine Living Academy, I have: solidified my spiritual connection, increased my confidence in what I offer, created a business structure that connects me with ideal clients, launched 3 coaching programs ranging from $3k to $7k, created ongoing $10k months, upscaled my life and business, and have completely stepped into being a true Queen!”

Leonie Gabriella

Zeeland, NL


“Today I’m celebrating that I made the same amount of money that I made last year in the first 3 months of 2020! I actually made the biggest amount of sales in the week after the second wave of lockdowns happened in Europe. I decided to use the crisis as a REASON to make more money and be of greater value, not as an EXCUSE.

I communicated with all the women I interacted with from this space… that this is their time…and how I could serve them with 1:1 coaching packages. There’s always a group of people, rising up as leaders and thriving during times of crisis. I decided to be one of them! I really believe it’s ALL in the mindset, and owning my worth at an even deeper level. Gina’s coaching and being part of her Queen program definitely had a lot to do with it. And now I’m aiming for double that number in sales in the next Quarter, with an awesome, beautiful, and very supportive program. Here’s to continuing to lead others in our most powerful, intentional, and resilient way possible.”

Murshidah Said



“When I first joined the Divine Living Academy, I thought it would be just a dream to get $10k months. So my first business goal was just to get a regular $5k month, as that seemed much more realistic. Through Gina’s mentorship and the amazing coaching that came with the Academy, I not only got my regular $5k months, but that turned to a regular $20k months within a year!

Now being in Gina’s Queen program, I get to have even more amazing content and be amongst a new community of high-vibe women who are not only thriving in their businesses but also highly spiritual, grounded, and connected. And another breakthrough this year since being in the Queen program is that my social conscious business is now contributing to 2 marginalized communities instead of one. Thank you, Gina, for helping me develop my Queenly mindset around money, wealth and what’s possible!”

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I give consent to use this information to send me additional emails (only the good stuff!) as described in your Privacy Policy. I know I can unsubscribe at any time.

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