My guest today is a truly special Queen – Jenni Parker Brown! If you don’t know Jenni already, you’re in for a treat. She’s the founder of the highly acclaimed House of Preeminence magazine (you should keep an eye out for the May issue…), she’s worked in fashion, retail, she’s a professional dancer, she did equestrian cabaret… Jenni is truly a visionary multi-potentialite and someone who lives life to the fullest. 

Today she shares some of her adventures with us and she dives deep into the Trinity Code she developed to manifest all her (and your) dreams. We discuss all things next level and get ourselves ready for the new era! This was a super fun interview and Queen, I KNOW Jenni will bring so many blessings into your life today. Tune in now!

Discovering and Learning About the Power of Trinity

When Jenni was 18, she was told she needed to grow up and do something “sensible”. This notion hurt her to her core, but it wasn’t until she was 30-something that Jenni decided to finally break free. It was then that she decided to really go for her dreams and discover who she truly is.

From many tumultuous but transformative relationships to equestrian cabaret performances underneath the Mediterranean sky, Jenni’s life became filled with adventure. She moved to France and found out that her dream of working with art and horses was not only possible but also paid! She joined a professional dancing troupe and opened her eyes to all the deepest desires she had. 

Was she confident everything would work out? Jenni tells me she had always acted out of a place of conviction. Even before she knew about manifesting, she was a natural at making her dreams a reality. And when she was invited to a TV reality show in Florida in 2017, Jenni came one step closer to defining her brand of manifesting. 

What always came naturally to her, now started to gain form, and that form was trinity. Jenni discovered that the power of trinity was underneath every pattern in the universe, from religion, architecture, DNA, language. She did the research and found out that even the great inventor Nikola Tesla was obsessed with the power of three. 

And when Jenni found a book called The Trinity Secret by Larry Flaxman, she knew she wasn’t the only one who understood this ancient power. 

Armed with the knowledge she gained through research and her natural ability to bring dreams to reality, Jenni decided to figure out the code behind the power of the trinity and teach others how to use it for manifestation. 


How to Use the Trinity Code to Manifest Your Dreams

In the Trinity Code, everything starts by declaring who you truly are. This declaration comes even before figuring out your value or your why in business. Jenni helps people understand their life purpose, their mission, and their legacy. And by understanding who you are, Jenni reverse engineers the steps you need to manifest your desires. 

Once that core understanding is present, everyone can choose what they want their legacy to be and how to build on their core essence. The Trinity Code works whether you want to build a business, a service, better relationships, or a certain lifestyle. 

Jenni’s approach is a welcome shift because it takes us back to the beginning. Instead of trying to figure out our perfect business model, we figure out who we are and then this knowledge elevates every area of our lives. 


Why Jenni Decided the Magazine Would Be the Best Way to Teach the Code

Jenni taught the Trinity Code to dozens and dozens of people and they all had life-changing results. Still, she didn’t feel right in the role of a coach or a consultant. She decided to dive deeper into the wisdom of the Code and embody it into a magazine that could give voice to everything she wanted to say. 

The second she made that decision, all the doors opened. That’s what happens when you listen to your inner voice! 

The magazine also seemed like a perfect idea because Jenni spent so much time working alongside coaches and consultants. What she saw was a mess – there was burnout on both sides. And she heard the call that something else was needed. We as women have so much divine work to do in this time and Jenni decided it was time someone got our back! She created the House of Preeminence for changemakers and lightworkers – coaches, consultants, startups, artists… All the women who want more than just the regular existence and all the women who are ready to share their incredible fights with the world. 

Jenni brings on the best experts and works hard to curate amazing content with a small team of dedicated people. She called the magazine House of Preeminence because preeminence as a word holds a lot of meaning. It means showing up as your highest self, having the most fun doing everything that you really want, and having zero regrets. Her magazine helps women do just that. 


Jenni’s Message and Advice for Moving Into a New Era

The Trinity Code features an amazing exercise that helps you feel centered and look to the future with joy. What you need to do is make three lists: everything that puts you into a state of bliss, everything that you’re naturally good at, and everything that you stand for and care deeply about. 

Each of those three life qualities is a portal to your soul life. Jenni advises to give yourself a mini-retreat – it can be a Sunday afternoon with tea and candles. Write down in these three columns and reconnect with what makes your soul sing. Once you see everything laid out on paper, you will naturally start a dialogue with your soul that will help you reveal your next level. 


Additional resources

Queen, my dahling… What a woman Jenni is! I’m just so fascinated with her story and spirit. 

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