Today’s episode was inspired by a very special feeling, my dahlings. I’m so lit up about this, and I know that this story will lift you up into whatever the next level is for you.

I know better than to ignore the divine messages, so I took inspired action last week and made a wonderful connection. I’ll tell you all about it in the episode!

This experience left me with just this one thought: Let us be dazzled! Let us be dazzled in every way—with your work, with financial abundance, with everyday joys, with divine living. 

When we give ourselves permission to be dazzled, this is when effortless solutions to seemingly unsolvable issues appear. 

This year especially, we all need to give ourselves permission to reimagine life, to figure it all out again. Let’s not put any pressure on ourselves to have all the answers or plans. Let’s just be open for the divine unfolding. 

Give yourself the space to discover who you are as a woman. And remember, being a Queen is the most generous contribution you can make.

So let us be dazzled and let us enjoy all things Queen—play, pleasure, desire, fun, abundance, flow, and feeling amazing! Only then can we take meaningful action in the world.

Key points discussed

  • The blessing and the inspiration behind this episode (01:01)
  • Taking action based on receiving the divine insight (06:30)
  • Let us be dazzled by the glory of the present moment (08:59)
  • The feminine space is not about planning it out (11:12)
  • Give yourself permission to discover who you are (16:33)
  • Our work in this day and age doesn’t have to be grueling (19:30)
  • Feminine power is all about taking inspired action (25:05)
  • The gift of being dazzled by the Q Club premiere (28:51)


Additional resources

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