My dahling Queen, you are meant for greatness. You have an extraordinary mission that was designed just for you. I also know that you can’t express your divine assignment from a place of exhaustion. Society has conditioned us to constantly hustle and stay busy, but that’s not the way of the Queen. It’s time to give yourself permission to take a break!

We’re not supposed to work all the time, believe me. Being constantly busy and over-giving is in such stark contrast with feminine principles. We get to create from a place of rest and silence. Did you know I get my best ideas at a beach club?

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t work. I enjoy my work, but my life is about so much more. I want you to give yourself that permission as well. So, let’s dive in today and find out what divine living is all about!


Key points discussed

  • I’ve had it with the constant hustle (01:02)
  • Our spirituality is our superpower (03:28)
  • How I transformed my habits around work (07:17)
  • Make room for the spirit to come (10:23)
  • We are here to thrive, not just survive (16:01)
  • It’s time to prioritize yourself (21:05)


Additional resources

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