My Guide to Setting Yourself Up For
a Glorious Getaway


Here at Divine Living, we aim to make the jet set lifestyle attainable and effortless. While most of us women entrepreneurs (and the vast majority of DLM readers!) openly desire a life of global travel, we sometimes get hung up on the challenges that come with leaving home and running our businesses from another country.

escape-quoteWell I’m here to tell you that with a little structure, international travel does not have to be hard, and you don’t have to sacrifice your home life or your comfort to fully enjoy it.

Something I’ve learned through all of my adventures is the power of preparation. Yes—frustrations can arise when flying around the world, but while some are beyond our control, the vast majority can be avoided with simple, smart planning.

It’s taken me quite a few trips to to identify everything my personal assistant needs to do to prep me for a successful getaway, but I hope that with the strategy below, you can skip the missteps and go straight for the smooth sailing. Allow your PA to act as your concierge so you can make the absolute most of your next adventure—you’ve earned it!


1 Glam It Up!
To be fully present for a fabulous getaway, it’s best not to be distracted by chipped nails or grown-out roots. I love to arrive looking and feeling glamorous, ready to lounge by the pool with a sun-kissed glow or enjoy a romantic dinner date with Glenn. In the days leading up to my trip, I have my assistant book all of my beauty treatments and fit them into my schedule before I get on the plane. My essentials include a mani-pedi, having my hair cut, colored, and blown out, a spray tan for that aforementioned glow, and a bikini wax. You might also go for teeth whitening (personally I’m a fan of Crest White Strips—they get my pearly whites shining while I watch Homeland), getting your lashes done, or anything else that gives you an added boost of glam and confidence.



2 Homeland
I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the grandeur of global travel because you’re worried about who’s going to get the mail. My assistant makes sure the home base will be even better than I left it when I get home, arranging for someone to take care of our four-legged family member, Ginger, and any needed household upkeep. I also make sure the fridge will be stocked with fresh healthy groceries when we land so we won’t go hungry and can jump right back into the flow of our usual Santa Barbara routine.



3 Schedule Savvy
I’ve walked into too many resort spas only to find they’re fully booked, or don’t have the times I want. I also never want to even think about dinner reservations when I land, or have to research and book private tours or fun excursions. Relieve yourself of the guess work and have your assistant find the best of the best options ahead of time. Confirm your choices, and have them secure your appointments and reservations. And don’t forget to have them arrange your town car transportation to and from both airports, plus butler service at the hotel to get you unpacked and settled in. You know, you don’t have to be the Queen of England to experience butler service. There’s typically a lot of ways I’d like to enjoy my first hour at the resort other than unpacking.



4 The Jet Set Survival Kit
When venturing to a foreign land, there are a number of things to consider that can be easily overlooked. For example, in the past I’ve found myself arriving without the local currency, and having to go through quite the rigamarole to get it (not everywhere is ATM-friendly) so that I could tip drivers, valets and bellhops. Instruct your assistant to put together your full foreign survival kit, with cash and all the right cords and adapters. Also have them research local tipping customs, visa and passport requirements, cellphone service compatibility with your plan, and even a rundown of the local weather. Script in hand, starring in a new scene will be a breeze.



5 Prepped for Success
Later this month, we’ll be discussing in more detail the big question I know is on all of your minds: how much do you really get to unplug when you’re away? To start, the key is to identify what you absolutely don’t want to be dealing with during your escape—anything you feel will hold you back from getting the most out of your getaway. Coordinate with your team to have those things settled before you leave, and have them know not to expect more until you get back. You’ll free up much needed mental space and time.


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