Forget the Burnt Out, Workaholic Picture of Success—
There’s a More Modern Way to do Business and Life
One thing that holds many women entrepreneurs back from building their dream business is the fear of becoming too masculine.

For me when I started my business, I was broke—and so were my other self-subscribing feminine energy friends. And the only women I knew who were wealthy were not so inspiring to me, because they were hard, a bit bitter, and definitely overly masculine.

I remember thinking to myself, “Where are the women who are wealthy and feminine?”

These days there are plenty of women who have the core value of creating wealth while remaining feminine, however in 2004 when I started my company it was sort of a Ghandi “Be the Change” moment for me.
I’m proud to say that 11 years later, though I haven’t always done it perfectly, I have created much of my wealth and business according to feminine principles (and have never been sleep deprived), in a way that’s felt natural and supportive to me.

It’s time for women like us to let go of the old ideas about how a successful entrepreneur or business executive does life. Here are my 5 ways to stay in your feminine power while growing a 6, 7 or even 8 figure company.



Women know how to put others first. Compassion is a wonderful thing, but when we neglect to have compassion for ourselves and fail to consider our own needs, we can become disconnected from our intuition. Finding your feminine power requires listening to your own inner authority, so make it a core value to always start with you. When making any decision, ask yourself if your choice will give to you or take away from you—regardless of how others might judge it. Stand strong in what you know is right for you, and remember that a woman who self-abandons is in Service to no one.



Spiritual practices like prayer and meditation are much more powerful when used regularly, not as a last resort but as a way of life. (Check out my prayer and meditation downloads exclusively designed for spiritual women entrepreneurs.) If you’re centered and deeply connected to your desires and your purpose, then you will have much greater clarity around how you spend your time. Journaling is also one of my favorite ways to stay connected to myself and to God. I clear any negative energy that might be holding me back, set my intentions and refocus my dreams. Before taking massive action, I ask for Divine inspiration, which really helps me stay feminine.



It’s easy to avoid burn out when you make your health and wellness a top priority. When you are your business, you may be tempted to sacrifice yourself to the cause, losing sleep, eating poorly, skipping exercise or cutting it out altogether. You may be the director of this movie, but you’re also the talent and need to treat yourself accordingly. The show won’t go on without you, so be empowered and feel free to invest your time and money into personal self-care. I turn off my computer at 6pm every day (I have Glenn to thank for this habit—he requires “us time” from 6pm on!) so that I have a full evening to relax, always get 8-9 hours of sleep, exercise regularly and eat beautiful, fresh foods. That’s just how it is!



The way we look and feel supports us in being who we are. Today men and women have much greater freedom to present themselves in whatever way feels true to them, and that goes for us glamour girls too! We may have been taught that focusing on appearances was something that was holding us back, but actually for women like us who thrive in feminine energy, personal elegance and style is amazingly empowering. For me, a unisex jeans-and-a-t-shirt doesn’t support me in feeling feminine, powerful, or being the woman I seek to be in the world. And the great thing is, all you have to do is give yourself permission and a bit of effort and time to allow that extra polish. You’ll see your renewed confidence and start showcasing to the world who you want to be be right now.



We all know the story of the woman who is the workaholic without a true man in her life—and we don’t have to subscribe to it! Women like us know that our full lives matter and are what we desire. We’re not able to create and do the work that we do if we don’t nurture the social part of our soul. Our relationships are meaningful to us, and why shouldn’t they be? They’re where so much of life’s fun dwells. Allow yourself to live a fulfilling life as your career and business blossoms. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with the ones you love. You’ve earned it, so be sure to make time for your precious friendships.




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