Divine Living’s Leading Man on Life, Business,
and What It’s Like to Roll With Gina DeVee

Those of you who follow Divine Living know my wonderful husband Glenn as the man by my side, and perhaps as the CEO of my company and wealth consciousness coach extraordinaire. Up until now he’s managed to maintain an air of mystery in the pages of this magazine, but because this is the “Man’s Issue” I thought there could be no better time for you to get to know the real Dr. Glenn A. Sisk (A.K.A. Baby Love!).

To add a little objectivity to the situation, we brought in Editor-in-Chief Sam Saboura to lead this personal interview. While I was off at the spa (it was a 2-day shoot of walking on rocks in heels after all), the two sat down in the living room of our presidential suite at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole to get the inside scoop. I’m delighted to share with you now their exclusive conversation, and give you a sense of Glenn’s perspective on the business and life we’ve built together.





SAM: Glenn, let’s hear how you got here. Tell us a bit about your history and how it led you to what you’re doing today?
GLENN: I began my career as a chiropractor. I became a Doctor of chiropractic in 1984, and went on to build and run rather large clinics. I will say that becoming a chiropractor was one of the best things I ever did. Being a great healer and chiropractor is about more than just diagnosing, giving adjustments or making vitamin suggestions, it’s about listening to people and helping them move through their pain. I found that typically pain originated from peoples’ emotional states rather than physical states, so it was interesting how I developed a skill to be able to sit down with them, have a conversation and guide them to heal their emotional pain, treat their body, and have a full recovery. That experience really moved me further along my Spiritual path.

And in building clinics I also developed my skills as an entrepreneur and a team builder. One of my passions in my practice was to form great teams that could work together cohesively with a shared vision. I was very successful at it, and had a lot of fun.

SAM: So when you and Gina met and fell in love, you were working as a chiropractor. When did your relationship transition from romance to business, into you becoming CEO of Divine Living?

GLENN: Yes when Gina and I met, I still had a clinic I was running in Southern California. Throughout my career I would buy clinics, turn them over, and make them into successful businesses, and at the time I met Gina I had the one clinic of my career that was not working. I didn’t really understand what the reason for that was until about 10 years later. It took me a long time to let go of the idea that I was a chiropractor and there wasn’t anything else I was going to be.

It was a long transition. What happened was that as I saw Gina busily working 10 hours a day at home, putting together this whole business by herself, I slowly started to help her. There’d be areas where she was stuck, maybe technologically, or different things she wanted my opinion on, so I’d consult with her and share what I thought. And we really sparked, immediately we found we worked well together, plus we loved spending even more time with each other. So I think finally Gina said—listen, you’re not making any money at your clinic so why don’t you do something different, maybe try coaching? Since I was used to helping people as a chiropractor, and I had a lot of business experience, it made sense. I kept getting better and better and found my strength, which is teaching wealth consciousness and helping young entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I had a lot of great results helping business owners who were just starting out to double their income, so that was very rewarding.

At the same time I was working with Gina a lot on wealth consciousness, and I started to get involved with the more mechanical aspects of the business. Ultimately I was given the position of CEO. It was a long time between selling my practice and getting immersed into the world of internet marketing, but I really learned a lot from Gina—that’s how I got started.

SAM: So who coached who first?
GLENN: Initially Gina came to me and said, tell me how to make money. I told her everything I know, and if you know who Gina is then you understand that once she gets it—it’s over. There’s no stopping her. So I helped her reach the million dollar business mark, and then she totally surpassed that.

I remember the first time it really hit me—we were sitting down and Gina made this statement announcing that she was going to St. Tropez, that she was going to find a client there, and that I was invited if I’d like to come. I have my own money story that I’ve been working on for many years so my reaction was “there’s no way that the money is available for that to happen.” So I said, no you go ahead. And she went, and not only did she have a blast, she actually got a client for $20,000—someone she met at a bar. In that moment I understood that she had something I didn’t have yet—this ability to create the reality she wanted. So at that point we traded positions and she became my mentor really. But it’s a constant ever-changing dynamic in our relationship which I’m really happy for and I really enjoy.


SAM: Spirituality is something that’s really important to Gina—is it something you’ve always shared?
GLENN: Yes, I’ve been on a Spiritual path since I was 8 years old so it’s always been a large part of who I am. One of the things I asked her before we made the commitment to spend our lives together was, “do you plan on continuing your Spiritual growth?” And she said yes, and of course that has worked out really well because we both know who the Creator is and what our purposes are.


SAM: I think people see you in the business as this big strong masculine force—would you agree with that? Is the perception different from the reality?
GLENN: I am the masculine force in the business and in Gina’s life, however I have other lesser-known sides too. For any couple to have the kind of relationship that Gina and I have, I believe a man has to have a significant amount of feminine energy. In our case not only to get along in the business, but to have a dynamic and loving relationship. I understand that she’s not looking to me to fix things, but to listen—so there has to be a sensitivity and the ability to relate to what’s really important to her.

SAM: What would people be surprised to know about you and your role in this business?
GLENN: Great question. I don’t know—the fact that Gina’s my boss? I think people might be surprised to learn that for a CEO details are not my strong suit. I think that as our business grows, we will seek out someone who would be a better fit. I’m more of a visionary, I like to give the big ideas and gather the team to implement them, but I don’t like to micro-manage. That said there’s nothing that I don’t enjoy doing in this business. I really love all aspects of it. That doesn’t mean it’s not a grind at times, or that there aren’t moments where I just want to throw it up and go—which is normal in any business. But I wouldn’t be in this business if I didn’t love it. Since a very early age, 16 maybe, I’ve maintained that my main goal is to be happy. So if I’m not happy, I’m not doing it. Gina can validate that there’s some things I just don’t do.

SAM: What does it mean for you to provide the empowered masculine energy to Gina’s empowered feminine in the business?
GLENN: I hold the container for Gina. Anytime you grow a business, you’re going to have changes—there’s going to be up-leveling, you have to face new realities, and I’m really good at handling change, and chunking it down so it’s not overwhelming. Initially we wanted to grow to a 10 million dollar business, and now we have a vision of growing to a billion. I remember going to a seminar when we were ready to pop from a 2 million to a 6 million dollar business, and the first exercise was: how much money do you want to make this year, and what assets do you need? And it became very apparent that we didn’t have the assets that we needed as far as people and experience. So my role was to say: okay, this is what we need now, this is what we don’t need, and here’s an organized platform for how to make it happen. Gina’s not like that, so what I’ve learned is to be able to sit down with her and draw out what she really wants and needs. She’s a very intelligent woman, so once we distill that information we can put the pieces together and make it real.

SAM: So on the surface you and Gina are kind of opposites. She has these big desires to fly around the world and live large—is the jet-set lifestyle part of your passion as well?
GLENN: It’s true that I love hanging out at home with my dog and my woman, just cooking dinner and relaxing, but I also love the fact that we’re going to Florence for a month. I love traveling—it’s fun, it’s exciting. Ultimately, Gina has always said to me: “Well what do you think, is that something you want to do, do you want to go?” And my question has always been, well are you going to be there? As long as Gina’s there I’m having a blast. I could live by the river or I could live in a castle—it just doesn’t matter to me. The bottom line is if Gina’s there, that’s where I want to be.



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