When the Coach Gets Coached


The Two Major Takeaways from My Recent
Mastermind Meeting

If you’re new to Divine Living, then welcome to the column where we talk about the not-so-pretty aspects of my world, my business and my life.

Putting together this special Anniversary Issue has been such a proud, happy moment for me. I’ve so enjoyed looking back over our first year of content and am so grateful for all of you wonderful readers who make this community of women entrepreneurs so vibrant.

However celebrating one year in the magazine business has also brought about a rather humbling awareness. I’m sure many of you can relate to working hard every day on behalf of your big dreams, while feeling like—oh, I haven’t accomplished that goal yet, I haven’t made this happen.

For me, while I’ve achieved this amazing goal of creating this magazine and publishing consistently for a year, there’s another aspect I’m still working on: monetizing the model.

It’s not that I wasn’t prepared to invest in the magazine. I wanted DLM to be a free publication that people could easily share with friends and family. (Thank you ladies!) The plan was to build a loyal readership and then monetize through brand collaborations and advertising partners. So I knew it would be an investment for at least the first year.

And still ever since the beginning there’s been a little pressure. We’ve kept asking each other: “When are we going to monetize the magazine?” We’ve all certainly wanted to monetize the magazine and for good business, we’ve needed to. So we keep having this conversation and yet—we haven’t hired anybody to monetize the magazine.

How can we be surprised or frustrated that we’re not monetizing the magazine when we haven’t actually hired anyone to go out and approach brands, companies and businesses to partner or purchase ad space?

I realized the same thing was ironically happening on the coaching side of my business. I have not actually hired enough people in positions that directly effect money generation. I was astonished that after ten years in business and five million in revenue I’m sitting here scratching my head wondering why more consistent marketing growth isn’t coming, when I actually don’t have a complete marketing department, let a lone a marketing director.

I think that for those of us who started out as solopreneurs, we’re so used to doing things ourselves that we sometimes fail to see the ways we could be working smarter and not harder. I never thought of myself as the Marketing Director of Divine Living, but now that my company has gotten to a certain size every once in a while the question will come up: “Well who’s in charge of the marketing?” And my team will turn to me, even though the reality right now is: I don’t have time to be in charge of the marketing. So YES…we’re hiring! Copywriters, marketing directors and anyone who’s great at all things launches!

Thankfully we have great systems in place that allow me to handle all the growing aspects of my role in leading the business, but quite frankly they’re not enough for my goals and the impact I want to have in the world. I see that it’s now time to hire people in the positions that will directly increase revenue growth along with our opportunity for impact.

What brought this realization to the forefront for me was actually working with my own coach. Because I’ve been very committed to scaling and growing my company, I joined my second high-level mastermind group to surround myself with people who are much further along the path than I am.

These awarenesses were my first takeaways from meeting with them. It took being around a group of experts for me to stop and take a look at my company. In one sense seeing it through their eyes was humbling, in another it was a relief. It helped me to understand, “no wonder this is how I’m feeling, no wonder I haven’t achieved these goals.” It’s clear that without making certain positions a priority, you find yourself as I have as an entrepreneur in the scramble.

So as your business grows I encourage you all to take a hard look at what roles will be essential to create stability and consistent growth in your company. When you’re committed to going to your next level and you ask the right questions, suddenly something you’ve been failing to see might become glaringly obvious. Once you know what it’s really going to take to reach your goals, your next move will be crystal clear.

  All My Love,


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