Remembering Your Greatness


Even When Life Doesn’t Feel so Glamorous,
Dig Deep and Know What’s True For You


As we’ve spent the last month enjoying all of the glamour, the femininity and the fabulousness that Paris has to offer women like us, I think it’s important to acknowledge that not every day of being an entrepreneur is a walk through the Tuileries.

There are always ups and downs when you’re taking big risks to create a business you love. Sometimes you’re landing new clients and celebrating by clinking champagne—ideally with bags from Rue Saint-Honoré surrounding btd-paris-1 you. Other times you might find yourself going through a season where it feels like no matter how hard you work, no new clients or gigs are coming in. It can be frustrating when even though we know better, we gaze upon our Instagram feed and assume everyone else’s life is unfolding perfectly with 1M+ followers. Of course we all have these fabulous parts of our lives, but the reality of entrepreneurship isn’t always a Le Premier ticket to Paris.

There are challenges—not chronically, but they do exist—with managing your team, securing new clients and consistently increasing your cashflow, all while launching new programs or products or just figuring out what you want to do next! Even when things are going well, there can be an element of anxiety about how you’re going to out-do your last success.

btd-paris-2So as we enter this new season of fall, let’s take some time to reflect and acknowledge that there are normal cycles to our lives as entrepreneurs. When those bumps in the road come, when the clients seem to be scarce, when you’re pulling 10-12 hour days, don’t lose sight of the fact that your good is coming to you, that truly all things are possible, and that you are meant for greatness. I know from my own experience that these challenging times for women entrepreneurs come, and they don’t mean that anything is wrong with you or that you’re doomed for failure.

The down times are when most entrepreneurs give up. There isn’t any legendary person who you aspire to be who hasn’t experienced the need to dig deep and reinvent themselves or their brands. Whether it’s a failed relationship, crashed business venture, or a publicly humiliating runway show, all of the greats have been through trying setbacks. Often the most difficult times come right before a big breakthrough—so know that you’re part of the club if you’ve been a little embarrassed recently. Do what the rest of us do and and drop the ego.

Believe me I know all about the humbling times and though they are not fun, if you don’t give up, they will lead to the phenomenal. It’s up to you to be your own number one advocate. So brush yourself off, get a massage, and take the night off…completely. And then tomorrow, remember that you have exactly what it takes to create exactly the life and business of your dreams.

And if Paris, champagne and Rue Saint-Honoré is your idea of a life well lived…they’re all waiting for you!

  All My Love,






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