The Top 3 Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Stay Stuck in
the Financial Struggle & How to Step into

who’s started a successful business knows that while it can’t happen without the right mindset, reading The Science of Getting Rich a dozen times and understanding the principles of wealth consciousness alone isn’t enough to create the kind of consistent cashflow you desire, though it’s a solid start.

For many of us women entrepreneurs, we become too comfortable with the status quo of chronic financial struggle, even though it’s so unnecessary. Typically when I look at a client who’s struggling to generate the consistent $10K or $20K months she desires, ninety percent of the time the reason is completely obvious, and has nothing to do with mindset.

Every entrepreneur has her ups and downs with finances—myself included! There will always be launches that don’t go well, expenses you couldn’t anticipate and risks you took that just didn’t quite pay off. But if you’re finding that your income and your bank account balance is exactly where it was a few years ago or even six months ago, there’s likely to be a missing piece that’s stopping you from rising above the struggle.

It’s time to take a look at: Who are you being? What are you doing? Are your words and behaviors in alignment? As much reverence as I have for working from the inside out, sometimes if you want big results, you’ve got to work from the outside in and actually start doing things differently. If you’re ready to take action, shift your behavior and make your dreams real, then consider whether one of these top three scenarios I see happening with so many women might apply to you.

The Top 3 Reasons Women
Entrepreneurs Stay Stuck in
the Struggle

They Easily Lose Focus

Successful entrepreneurs have the same number of hours in the day as anybody else, the difference is they maximize those hours and work less overall by being laser focused. You can’t allow yourself to be constantly interrupted, whether that’s by checking to see if anyone liked your latest Insta post, getting calls during the workday from friends, or having toddlers spill grape juice on your keyboard.

Now I know so many financially successful mothers who started with a dream to work from home. It’s entirely possible, but you DO have to create an amount of focused work time. Studies show your brain takes twenty minutes to get back to where it was before an interruption, so if you’re getting up from your desk every time your child wants a cookie, it’s no wonder it seems to be taking you so much longer to get the financial success you deserve that you’re watching other women create for themselves.

For women who want to reach the $10-20K-a-month bracket and beyond, creating a distraction-free work environment is a must. Maybe that means giving yourself permission to invest in part-time babysitting, or working when your kids are at school or asleep. It’s up to you to adjust your behaviors to match your value system. (And that goes for the social media addicts, too.)

Their Marketing Funnels Don’t Make Sense

One of the biggest points of confusion comes from the working woman who’s investing everything she can on every level into growing her business. She’s enrolled in coaching programs, doing photo shoots, hiring graphic designers, buying Facebook ads—everything.

There’s tons of action on the surface. And yet, her marketing funnel is totally ineffective at bringing in ideal clients. If you aren’t seeing the sales you desire, take a look at your opt-in sequence. Does your offer match what you’re selling? Does it lead down a direct path for people to purchase from you? Do you have the right volume of people on your list and the right pricing to create the income you desire? Are your prices in line with where your ideal client is at in life? Is your package in line with what your ideal client desires?

So often I see women spending all their time doing Facebook challenges or blogging, without any of it leading to discovery calls or opportunities to sell. To bring in consistent income, it’s so important to have a streamlined funnel that makes sense. Your business is a story, so make sure you’re taking your client cohesively from A to B.

They Don’t Know Who They Are

The third biggest reason I see women
stay stuck in financial struggle is when they just aren’t confidently and
authentically putting themselves into the marketplace. There are millions more people online right now than there were even a few years ago, which means both more potential clients and more competition. It’s not enough to just put up a beautiful website with your name on it and offer vague sessions. You’ve got to have an opinion, be strong and put yourself in the game.
So often I hear, “I don’t know what’s special or unique about me.” A coach can help you figure that out, but at the end of the day if you don’t know what’s special about you, how can you expect anyone else to? Now is the time to bring your star power forward. The days of “not being into” self-promotion are behind us. You have to be excited to bring your unique message to the marketplace in a way that’s compelling, focused and makes total sense.

If it seems like you’re not connecting with people, it’s time to get clear on your message and what you stand for and prepare to shout it from the rooftops so to speak. The good news is, you don’t have to do any of it in a way that feels inauthentic, you get to step out into the world exactly as yourself.

Who Are You Willing to Be?

Becoming the woman who’s clear and confident in her message, fully set-up to attract and receive ideal clients, and ultra-focused in her work day is something I know each of you reading this right now is one-hundred percent capable of. Dig deep and realize that the abundance you crave is meant for you. Clear the space in your home, mind and schedule to grow into the person you know is waiting to surface. We are all meant to be financially supported, but it’s up to us to say yes to our worth.


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