Ready for a Renaissance in Your Biz?
Here’s Why Women Entrepreneurs
Need to Open Up to Radical Thinking

We’re all drawn to what’s fresh and new. Whether it’s the latest iPhone hitting the shelves, a highly anticipated designer collection debuting on the runway, or a buzz-worthy new film premiering, we’re always excited about what’s next, what’s innovative, and what’s even better than before.

At the same time we human beings are creatures of habit. We often find ourselves going through the motions in life, sticking to the same old routines and the things we know we like.

Or, when it comes to running our businesses, doing the things we know to work. I’ve seen many women entrepreneurs in our industry get caught repeating the same tasks in the same order—sending out the newsletter, coaching the client, working with the team—and suddenly, the excitement and magic is missing.

innovation-1While the world moves relentlessly forward, there’s usually some pressure to keep things familiar. I know personally I’ve had to challenge myself not to do the same thing year after year. When you have success with a certain program or marketing technique, there’s a temptation to think: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But I’ve realized that old adage isn’t exactly new school thinking, and it doesn’t serve us in today’s fast times.

It’s not that women entrepreneurs like us should get caught up in a whirlwind, sending ourselves into overwhelm trying to keep up. It’s that the world will always need the next new thing from us, the next level of our creativity and expansion. Sometimes a simple update or redesign isn’t quite enough to bring a fresh, vibrant energy to our work. What we really need is a renaissance, a rebirth—something totally new that has evolved from the now.

inspired-quote-1I learned this lesson while here in Florence a few weeks ago. One of the things I wanted to update this year was my Paris video series from 2013, and I thought we could recreate it in Italy with a new look and a beautiful Florentine backdrop. It quickly became clear that my thinking was limited and dare I say outdated. When we started to film, even though everything looked amazing, the energy was flat.

I was fortunate in that moment to have the wise guidance of my Editor-in-Chief Sam Saboura on set. Sam told me, “Don’t try to recreate Paris. Stay in the now, and create from where you’re at in this moment.” He could seeinnovation-2 id=”rr”> I was stuck trying to live up to the past, and that it was holding me back. Once I freed myself from the expectations, the energy really started to flow.

I imagine that almost anyone creative who experiences success, from a best-selling author to a hit filmmaker or songwriter, probably goes through that same experience of, how am I going to top the last one? No matter what we’re bringing into the world, we need to really push ourselves out of that mindset and remember that there is no limit to what we can create.

Luckily in Florence I was able to draw inspiration from the Renaissance, a time when everything was up for reimagining. Whether we’re going through a particularly challenging time, or are just finding ourselves a bit stuck in our ways, I believe we can always benefit from creating a renaissance in our lives.

inspired-quote-2However renaissances don’t just happen. You have to be dedicated and you have to dig deep. In my own life when I’m seeking a change, I write in my journal day after day, “What’s next for me? What’s the solution? Where will I find my breakthrough?”

What you seek, you will find, and when you ask, it is given. We all have the potential to be an even greater blessing to the world if we recognize that there is always more in us.

So I encourage you to ask yourselves, where do you need a renaissance right now, in business and in life? How can you create a rebirth in your marketing, content or product offerings? What about the way you spend your time, or your personal relationships? Pick three areas you’d like to reinvent before the year ends, and be open to radical re-imagining. Maybe you don’t know yet what your next new thing is, however a new solution is always available. Remember, the Universe has your back…so seek the answer and ask for more than enough.



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