As a success coach, the number one question I get from women entrepreneurs is “How can I create a life I’ll love? How do I manifest my desires?” 

Manifesting is being able to make something happen based on feminine principles. It’s an approach to life that goes against today’s prevailing wisdom, though that’s quickly changing. Most of us have been taught that the key to creating anything successfully is masculine energy—taking the bull by the horns, working eighty hours a week, pulling the flower open or forcing something. We’ve been told that we can’t have what we want, or that it’s going to be extremely difficult to get what we want. The truth is that none of that is true.

When I first started my business, I wasn’t interested in being masculine or working all the time, but I also wasn’t interested in being broke. I set out to learn how to manifest money and create wealth, and then I realized that I could use the same process to manifest anything I wanted—a soul mate, a best friend, a perfect assistant, a new car. When you’re clear on what your dreams are, remain open, and have faith, you’ll find that anything is possible. Ready to transform your life? Here is the 7-step fail-proof process I use to manifest anything that I desire.


Many times our desires feel out of reach, far away and unattainable. So that’s why we tend to be sort of vague with them, making it hard to manifest. It’s not specific enough to say, “I want more money, I want to lose weight, I want to travel.” Get crystal clear by saying out loud to yourself, “I desire $10,000 by the 17th of this month. I desire a week in Portofino. I desire a pair of Jimmy Choos.” The closer and clearer you get to your desires the greater ability you have to experience them in reality.

You have to believe that manifesting your desires is possible. One of the major reasons women fail to manifest is because they jump too quickly into the “how” and then get discouraged. Often when a woman thinks of something she desires—let’s say hiring a new team member, for example—the first questions that come in are, “Where do I get the money for this? How do I find the right person? When will I have the time to train someone new?” When you meet your desires with doubt, you stop the flow of the Universe. Dismiss those doubts and start by asking better questions, like “How IS it possible for me to hire that new team member?
Ask for Inspiration
Now that you know exactly what you want and have opened yourself up to limitless possibilities, ask how. Meditate on it, and ask for inspired action.

The very first time I manifested a simple desire was when I had just launched my business. This was at a moment when I needed $75 to pay an overdo cellphone bill in 24 hours in order to keep my service on. I knew that desire was in alignment with my purpose, because I wanted to be able to keep coaching and pay my bills on time. I asked, how can I make $75 in 24 hours? In that moment, it seemed like an insurmountable challenge, but I opened up and prayed. Inspiration came, and I got the idea to start the Queen Esther CD of the Month Club.

Be in Gratitude
Be able to receive with grace. Remember that you deserve to experience all of your desires. Be thankful and stay open to what the Universe has in store for you—you’ve only just begun to realize your feminine power. #TheUniverseHasYourBack
Align With Your Purpose
Your true desires will support you in living out your purpose. You have the desires you have for a reason. And you can trust them. Many women feel squeamish about giving themselves permission to receive their greatest desires. Of course you can’t manifest as powerfully if you’re in keeping-up-with-the-Kardashians mode, or if you’re going after something outside of you that is not connected to your truth. Once you get clear about what your desires are, you’ll see how they will actually help you in fulfilling your calling.
As a life coach, for a long time I thought all I was allowed to want in life was anything pertaining to women’s empowerment in a personal development kind of way. The truth however is that while I am passionate about women’s empowerment, I also love a great lifestyle (this may seem obvious now, but it wasn’t at the beginning of my career). I remember deeply desiring to travel to Italy and go on a shopping spree, and yet being worried that if people knew that was what I was lit up about, it’d be career suicide. Well, what you resist persists—my desire to go to Italy never went away, so I gave in and traveled to the Amalfi Coast. It was there, essentially, that Divine Living was born. After I shared my trip in a newsletter, women around the world wrote me saying they desired to travel and shop more, see the world, upgrade their style or buy new curtains for their kitchens. As it turned out, my desire to travel and shop on the Isle of Capri was the foundation for what is now Divine Living. Once I got honest with myself about what all of my desires truly were, then the Universe could actually work with me and help me manifest them.
Take Immediate Action
Once I had the inspiration, I immediately went and called the few clients that I had and said, “Would you like to join the Queen Esther CD of the Month club? It’s $25 a month.” The first two clients said yes. The third client said she’d like to sign up, but that she didn’t want a recurring bill every month. So she asked to pay for the year in full. I ended up making much more than my cell-phone bill. Suddenly money didn’t seem so impossible after all.



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