As women entrepreneurs, we’re in perhaps the most powerful position a woman could create for herself. We have the opportunity to live our lives meaningfully and abundantly. We also are in the position to give back in the same way that most of us have been so generously given to. One of the benefits of getting ourselves out of survive mode is that we have the opportunity to pay it forward.

Most of us who’ve transformed our lives remember quite clearly where we came from, and we are so grateful for what we’ve been given. We’re grateful for our lives, and we’re grateful to now have the ability to create social change.

lotus-handThere are many ways to “make the world a better place,” and I believe one of the most important ways is by committing a part of your income to causes you are passionate about. Or as many spiritual communities would call this, “tithing.”
“Tithe” is the old English word for tenth, and historically it refers to 10% of income required to go back to society—usually the church, the synagogue, or place of worship.

So tithing has been a part of life since the dawn of civilization, but the exciting part about being alive today is that we now get to choose where to have an impact. We get to make our own tithing rules. There are so many amazing people out there working on behalf of a better world for all of us, and together we can absolutely support all of them!

Remember that to build your wealth consciousness, it’s important to live with an abundant mindset. There is no lack of money in the world, no limit to how much we can make, and no end to how much we can share with others.

half-the-skyMost of us want to help, but we just don’t know what organization or cause to align with. I also know I used to think, “When I’m wealthy then I’ll give.” What I know for sure is that tithing is a practice for all of us, exactly where we are at. We don’t need to be anywhere else financially to start today.

When I read Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, I felt more aware of the state of women in the world today and more than ever, realized that waiting for anything, let alone getting rich, is not the answer. Doing what we feel inspired to do today IS the answer.

To make it easier for us women entrepreneurs to get involved and pay it forward, I’m sharing three organizations that I believe are more than tithe worthy. I encourage you to support these beautiful causes that benefit women around the world!









I’ve long been a advocate against sex-trafficking,
and I’ve most recently been inspired by the work of Brooke Axtell (perhaps you remember her moving speech at this year’s Grammy’s). Axtell is a survivor of domestic violence, and the founder of S.H.E., a healing and empowerment community for survivors of rape, abuse, and sex-trafficking. She’s also a poet and musician, and she serves as Director of Communications and Engagement for Allies Against Slavery. It’s a fantastic organization that works holistically with communities and cities to create solutions to sex trafficking and slavery.



Since 1994, X-Prize has been conducting incentivized competitions to innovate solutions around some of the world’s
biggest problems. Some of the prizes currently on the table are geared toward birthing revolutionary advances in medicine, environmental clean-up, transportation and education. Not only does the organization reward winners with cash,

it sees that additional money is invested in the new technologies to create real change.

To keep up with this exciting foundation, you can join the X-Prize loop and get behind-the-scenes updates and event invitations with your monthly donation.



Global poverty continues to be one of the great challenges of our time,
and it’s amazing to see technology step in with innovative solutions. Kiva is a platform that allows you to connect with people in the developing world and supply them with life-changing loans.

You can choose from thousands of individuals around the world whose stories are told on the site. Sometimes, as little as $25 can give someone access to the tools and capital needed to lift them out of dire poverty. When you give, you get updates on the borrower’s projects and watch as they repay their loans. The platform is super easy to use, and with a 98% repayment rate, you can continue using the initial money you loan to help more and more people—amazing!




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