You’ll Want to Try This 3-Page Daily Ritual for
Improved Creativity & Insight


Like any relationship, a spiritual relationship with God needs to be nurtured if you want to maintain a strong personal connection and get clear guidance.

Now there is no right or wrong way to develop a spiritual practice. We all get to choose what to do and when to do it, it’s all about what keeps you grounded and feeling very connected and clear within yourself.

For me, I treasure my alone time with God and my journal on a daily basis. Every morning, it’ll be just me, God, and a few blank pages—plus of course my other morning ritual of coffee nearby. Depending on what kind of wisdom I’m looking to access, sometimes I’ll write Dear God, and sometimes I just start writing.

Physically writing is really important to me. I find that writing by hand gives me a greater connection between my senses, and to myself.

I’ve tried many different journaling strategies over the
years, and will switch things up depending on how I’m feeling—sometimes freshening up your routine is just the thing to give it new life. In case it might inspire you to try something new, here’s a breakdown of the 3-Page strategy I’m currently using every day to guide my thoughts, originally inspired by the Morning Pages from The Artist’s Way.

Page One:   Let it Go

Whether I’m tired, frustrated, or angry, this is my time to get all these negative emotions out of me and onto the page. Page one is a very real look at how I’m feeling and what I’m currently challenged by. I find it’s so important to acknowledge the lower vibrational energy that might be in me and allow it to be released. Usually after a page of that, I’ve heard myself, God’s heard me, and I’m kind of chilled out.

Page Two:   The Wow in the Now

Now that I’m feeling cleared of any negativity, I want to give attention to all that I’m grateful for and acknowledge all of the amazing gifts and people in my life. In a prayerful, meditative state, I’ll express gratitude for my husband, my family, my home, my health, my team, my life’s work, the women in The Academy—all of the things that I feel so blessed to enjoy, and whatever passion-based project is taking shape in that moment.

coffee-cupPage Three:   Reach for the Miracle

If I keep going onto that third page I without fail access the realm of the new, the exciting, and the unlimited! This is my miracle page—where the new ideas come in, where the answers to what I’ve been asking for are revealed. I’ve raised my vibration with pages one and two, and now things that were literally right in front of me (and probably already existed but that I wasn’t seeing) become clear. It always feels amazing to see what really IS possible! And I can tap into this inspired energy at any time for the rest of my day.


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