Meet 3 Fabulous Academy Alums Who Are
Creating Their Dream Lives in London


Before starting the Divine Living Magazine, I have had the honor of mentoring thousands of women from over 100 countries on how to become empowered feminine entrepreneurs and create freedom-based businesses while earning an income, traveling and doing what they love. Today I’m inviting you to join me and other women around the world who are making a move in the direction of their dreams.

With women from Sydney to LA to London to Dubai and most places in between, our community is truly global. This month, I’m introducing you to some of the amazing Divine Living Academy alumni who call London home.



Emily Williams

Before the Divine Living Academy…I didn’t really know how to create a successful coaching business, how to get clients or how to get out of debt.


“I was nearly $30k in credit card debt (not including student loans), working a 9-5 job that I didn’t like and living a life that wasn’t reflective of what I had actually wanted.

Now EVERYTHING in my life has changed. I went from $442 in sales to over $500k in just one year! We moved into our four-bedroom dream flat in London and have travelled to Australia, Bali, France, Italy, California—all in the span of six months. And on the business front, all of my programs have sold out, I now have a waiting list for one-on-one work, and I got a mini-partnership with Kate Spade! I’ve been featured in various high-level blogs, and I feel that I’m actually creating an international brand.

This is the best decision you will ever make. I can’t even imagine where I’d be had I not taken the leap and signed up (two days before the program started due to my own stubbornness!) for the Academy on my husband’s credit card. I’d probably still be the girl making the $442 in sales and struggling to get by. Your life and business will literally change in every way. Don’t hesitate. Your dreams aren’t going to wait for you to get it together!”


Cindy Murphy

This year I was finally able to leave my corporate job after 15 years. The Academy taught me how to build a business from the ground up—I started from scratch.


“I joined the Academy in September last year as I was desperate to leave my corporate career and do something that had meaning and purpose behind it. It was on a bonus call that I listened to Gina’s message, which really resonated with me. She enabled me to believe that I too could create a business that was filled with passion and purpose. I connected with the lifestyle that Gina had created in and around her business, which is what I too had created with my corporate income.

The content has been phenomenal, so in terms of value the investment itself to do the Academy is a no-brainer. However what I did not appreciate or expect were the feminine structures we are taught. It truly is the support, coaching and community that allow you to turn something practical into your dream reality. 

I believe the sisterhood is the most unique aspect of this program. You are welcomed into a community of women who have gathered from all over the world with the same dream. The message from day one is ‘community over competition.’ It’s a place where wins are celebrated daily, regardless of who they belong to. The friendships and bonds that are formed seem unbreakable and I know I have made lifelong friends from this program.”


Jo Sweeney

My biggest success is that I no longer stand behind an emotional terror barrier in my business.


“The Divine Living Academy journey so far has been life changing. Gina guided me to pin point exactly what was preventing me from being visible and consistent in my business. I’ve now deeply transformed how I perform each day and am able to implement the world class business content I’ve received with joy, ease and confidence. 

Because of the business strategy I’ve learned in the Academy, plus the powerful support and coaching Gina provides, I am out in the world sharing my message consistently, being highly visible on platforms such as Facebook Live and serving ideal clients in my coaching business. Plus, the community within The Divine Living Academy is simply outstanding. Experiencing the support and encouragement from 300 other like-minded women has been so powerful, and the events around the world have been inspirational beyond anything I could have imagined.”


The Divine Living Academy Coaching & Business Certification Program is currently open for 2017 enrollment. Each year we work with a committed community of women who are ready to tap into their power and transform their lives from so-so, struggling or settling to ones of spectacular success on their own terms, international travel and total freedom.

It doesn’t matter where your life’s journey has taken you up until now. The life you read about in the pages of Divine Living Magazine is not only possible, it’s happening right now for other women just like you.

In the Divine Living Academy, you’ll join a passionate, brilliant and high-level community of women entrepreneurs on the rise. You’ll be inspired and supported to live life on your own terms—and we’ll show you how, step by step, module by module.


SAY Yesto the Life You Truly Desire!








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