ince the very beginning of this magazine, one of our favorite columns has been Transform Your Money Story, the series in which we highlight women in the Divine Living community who have broken through their blocks to generate healthy, growing incomes in their businesses.
We all love hearing these success stories that prove to us just what a woman is capable of when she finally gets that the sky’s the limit, however, sometimes it can feel a bit “happily ever after” when we all know there’s more to it. So when one of our readers suggested we share more stories about not just success, but failure and perseverance, we thought—she makes an excellent point.

quote01Serendipitously, that was when we heard from Serena Sandstrom, a TYMS alum and recent Divine Living Academy graduate who, when we profiled her last summer, had already discovered her power and even had a recent $87K group program launch. But the year before enrolling in the Academy had been more challenging. It was halfway through her second year, and while Serena had already created six consistent $10K+ months and even her first $30K month, she was about to experience her first big test as an entrepreneur.

“I thought the only way was up!” Serena told DLM recently. “So I was excitedly looking forward to launching my six-week group program again and preparing to triple the enrollments from a first round of 11 to now 30.”

Serena had followed the coaching and fully committed to her growth. She invested in new branding, hired a copywriter for the first time and created an affiliate program. She had everything in place to triple those enrollments. So when the sales she was expecting didn’t come in, she was understandably confused.

quote02“We’ve all heard the ‘horror’ stories of launching to crickets and this is exactly what happened! I was not at all prepared to sell only 3 out of 30 spots!” Meanwhile, Serena’s colleagues were calling to rave about her brilliant sales emails and enthuse that she “must be smashing it!” To which she confessed, “Ugh…totally the opposite.”

If you can’t relate to a moment like this yet, trust me—you will. Every entrepreneur is sure to have a few of these curveball horror stories…that’s why we’ve all heard them! Remember that the mega successful people we look up to only got to where they are by being strong enough to stay with it when something big didn’t go their way.

One thing we know for sure at Divine Living is that it’s much easier to bounce back when you’re not going it alone. As Serena professed, “I learned that investing in coaching support and surrounding yourself with other women who get what you’re going through is absolutely essential to be ready to take on the curveballs. Had I not had this support structure in place it would have been 10 times harder!”


Surrendering to the Divine outcome of this disappointing launch, Serena was willing to dig deep. “I had to let myself REALLY feel the emotions…of disappointment, of fear, of shame and embarrassment. It’s so powerful to really go there. I grew more as a woman and business owner during that launch than I had in all the months of making $10K-$30K together!”

Serena made sure she was mentored to move through the emotions and stay focused on her vision, desires and potential for impact rather than dwell in failure and fear of judgement. In the process, she was able to see what the Universe was trying to tell her. “My key practical learning was that you have to know your list and what they most need and want from you—so I realized the importance of surveying.”

quote03On a deeper level, Serena’s breakthrough created total clarity around what program she really needed to offer and who she desired to be as a coach. With that, she took action to implement her learnings and completely turned this failure around. “I’ve made over $300K in sales in 2016 to date including my first six-figure month, which just feels incredible. It’s really allowed me to invest in my coaching and my team so that I can focus more and more on what I do best—coaching, community building and content creation.”

To help meet her goal of bringing in $500K in 2017, Serena has re-enrolled in the Divine Living Academy. We are thrilled to have a solid group of second-year women in our 2017 class who are seeking to take their businesses even further using the support, structures and community they’ve come to know and love. Serena in particular is looking forward to “deepening my mindset and wealth consciousness game, and of course meeting my mastermind sisters in Hawaii and Mallorca!”

It’s so inspiring to see the women in our community develop the inner strength to move through unexpected hardship and reach for even greater success. As Serena learned, when you make it through failure, you realize that failing is actually not as scary as it seems, and that’s when you’re ready to play an even bigger game than you had ever imagined.


For more from Serena Sandstrom, visit: serenasandstrom

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