ith so much intense retrograde activity behind us, June should feel much better. (Well, sort of.)

Truth be told, even though Jupiter and Mercury are direct, Mars, the planet of forward motion, remains in retrograde until June 29th. Meaning it may still feel like you’re snowshoeing through molasses for most of the month.

On top of that, the month kicks off with some challenging aspects. With the sun in Gemini and opposing Saturn in Sagittarius, our energy may feel extremely low, especially as we move towards the new moon on June 4th.

While it’s not all bad—not even by a long shot—it’s not a day at the St. Regis either (unless of course you get on it and meet Gina at the Wow Factor in Florence!). The Gemini new moon offers us the ability to dig deep so we can clear up our communication and set powerful intentions—not just to build our businesses, brands and empires, but our resilience too.

On the positive side of things, this month powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn (the most badass planet of the zodiac in the utmost business savvy sign) makes some power moves. Pluto forms a lovely connection to the North Node of Destiny on the 16th, right around the same degree Jupiter is traveling. This opens up the doors to big career success. Then Jupiter and Pluto seal the deal on the 26th with an exact trine. Slam-dunk!

The full moon on the 20th—the second Sagittarius full moon in a row—happens right on the solstice. This full Moon also signifies positivity, especially with Jupiter on the North Node and electrifying Uranus in a positive angle. The summer season begins with some serious positive mojo. Hooray.

While this month starts off with a challenge, it certainly makes a change for the better towards the end. Take the good with the bad and move forward accordingly.


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With your ruler, Mars, retrograde for almost this whole month I know things feel massively delayed. By now you may have encountered everything from strange behavior with the men in your life, to feeling a bit unmotivated in general. But, please do not worry, because this month brings you stellar opportunities anyway. While the June 4th Gemini new moon isn’t my favorite, it opens an incredible opportunity for you to get your ideas out of your head and into the world. This theme of communication continues for you, as the Sagittarius full moon on the 20th lights up your house of publishing and snuggles up next your career line, helping major projects blossom. Awesome. On the 26th Pluto and Jupiter make an extremely auspicious connection in your workhouses, right before Mars (finally) goes direct on the 29th. Holler.
This month is all about the money, honey. With the Gemini new moon happening on June 4th in your 2nd house of income and self-worth, you have every opportunity to seriously up your game when it comes to building your net worth. Set strong intentions for wealth, and simultaneously evaluate your current investments to make sure your money is making you money. Not earning enough to have investments? Take a look at why and make a commitment to increasing revenue and income. With back to back full moons in Sag happening in your 8th house of money from others, you are ready to blow past blocks. I am cheering you on—GO! As the month moves forward, your creativity opens up big time. Look to see what you feel like creating between the 23rd and the 26th as those dates have massive potential for you.
Happy Birthday, Gemini. It’s officially your season: a time of year I know you love. With your ruler Mercury now direct, things should start to flow again for you. I say this with a major caveat in mind: Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure is opposite of your sign. Having Saturn opposite of your sun sign can bring a serious tone to your life, commanding you to take care of health, legal, financial issues (or anything that needs a new level of commitment). This month the new moon in your sign on the 4th underscores this heavy dose of Saturn too. I urge you to use this new moon productively. Make a strong commitment to your health and well-being, your long-term goals and the highest sense of who you are. The full moon on the 20th in Sag lights up your house of committed partnerships further illuminating Saturn’s messages for you too. Celebrate your Solar Return (aka birthday) with a firm commitment to your higher self.
This month kicks off with a precarious new moon in your 12th house of rest, rejuvenation and subconscious motivation. Give yourself space and try to reconnect (and nurture) your higher self then (June 4th). This is especially important this month, because as we get closer to the full moon, you are likely to gain a lot of attention. Starting on June 17th Venus enters your sign, offering you cosmic support through July 11th. In addition, with Jupiter and Pluto making a perfect trine on the 26th in your 7th house of partnership your relationships become electrified too. Reach out to your siblings then and nourish your partnerships too (business and romantic). The full moon on the 20th asks you to take a look at your daily routine and make appropriate adjustments with both work and your health. Take action on what needs to change. Speaking of action, Mars goes direct on the 29th in fellow water sign Scorpio (a supportive placement for Cancers).
Bring on the fun. With the sun moving through your 11th house of friendship, your social life gets sparked. Spend time socializing this month, Leo, as you may find you make fortuitous connections. As the month moves on, you have stellar opportunities to make money too. Score! Pluto trines the North Node of destiny currently moving through your 2nd house of money on the 16th just before Jupiter and the North Node meet up on the 24th. Then, Jupiter trines Pluto on the 26th helping even more. Since so much of this activity is happening in your 2nd house of money, I cannot express enough the potential power this holds for you. On the 20th, we have the second consecutive full moon in Sagittarius in your 5th house of creativity. I get the sense that something powerful is brewing for you. Do what you do best this month and shine!
This month kicks off with a new moon in your 10th house of career, opening up the opportunity for you to step up and step out professionally. Given how supported you are by Jupiter right now (who finally turned direct last month) I know you will use this potential wisely. Simultaneously, it looks like there are massive changes happening in your home and family too. With Saturn in your 4th house, Mars having just retrograded through it and two consecutive full moons also in this section of your chart, I get the sense that big things are brewing on your home front. Be sure to pay close attention to the changes, and allow yourself lots of space to digest this. You need alone time. Don’t be afraid to take it. Also, pay close attention to what comes your way on the 26th. The universe has something awesome in store.
International travels anyone? With the new moon happening in your 9th house, opportunities for foreign travel may open up for you. Pay close attention to any urges to go abroad in the days immediately following the June 4th new moon. Following this desire may just lead you to exactly where you need to be. Additionally, think long and hard about any opportunities you want to pursue with writing, teaching and publishing. If this speaks to your heart, solidify your vision at the time of the new moon too and look to see what blossoms in your life at the full moon. As we enter the home stretch of Mars retrograde, conjure extra patience in your relationships. Mars rules your solar 7th house of committed relationships, so I am sure you have felt this retrograde with your closest partners. Stay patient and kind. It will soon be over.
Hooray. Mars retrogrades back into your sign this month. With Mars now in your sign until August 2nd, you can expect to feel some feisty-cosmic-support. Of course, we have to wait until the end of the month when Mars goes direct to start to capitalize on this gain properly, but in the meanwhile, I am sure you’ll sense a surge of power moving from within. With Mars retracing his steps through your sign, he gives you the opportunity to integrate the lessons you learned while Saturn schooled you between October 2014 and September 2015. Otherwise, pay close attention to financial matters this month. With the new moon happening in your 8th house of money from others on June 4th, and the second consecutive full moon in your 2nd house of earned income on June 20th, you are well positioned to cut the fat and manifest some money.
Finally, with ruling planet Jupiter direct, you are ready to move forward. Despite this retrograde, I know you’ve had incredible forward momentum these past months. With Mars in your sign since March 6th, you’ve had turbo force supporting you. And yet at with ruling planet Jupiter retrograde, you weren’t quite at full capacity either. (Wait until you see what August has in store for you!) In the meanwhile, you are in the middle of back-to-back full moons in your sign, and a contentious new moon this month on the 4th—all working to evolve you. And, let’s not forget you are in the midst of major schooling from Saturn too. Whoo. There are times in your life when you just have to put your head down, focus and make a serious commitment to you—and the life you most want to live. That time is now.
I empathize with you. With back to back full moons in your solar 12th house of your subconscious desires, as well as with Mars retrograde, I know you may feel things are not moving as fast as you want them to. Take a deep breath and look at the positive. You are a total badass who’s accomplished so much. Keep your head up, especially since the June 4th new moon may rock your confidence. Be sure to see whatever transpires in your life then as temporary. Consider what you need to change. What isn’t working for you? Think daily routines, work systems and team management. The whole point of retrogrades is to redo what needs to be redone. So use this new moon to your advantage. The 24th and 26th bring some surefire help. Make moves in the direction of your dreams. And celebrate! Mars finally goes direct on the 29th.
Creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness: three words that speak to the potential of the month ahead for you, Aquarius. As the sun moves through your 5th house of playfulness, it’s time for you to embrace your originality. Doing so becomes extremely important at the time of the new moon, especially since this new moon happens with a direct opposition from Saturn. As Saturn tours your 11th house of friendships, the same house that the June 20th full moon happens in, you may experience others as holding you back. If so, make a decision to embrace your originality. You get some solid help this month from Jupiter in your 8th house of money from others, especially when he meets up with the North Node of destiny on the 24th and preps for his exact trine to Pluto on the 26th. This month, do you! It leads to profits.
Hold on to your wide brim sun hat–this month heats up for you—and no, I am not just talking about the arrival of summer. Starting with last month’s full moon in Sag, which happened exactly on your career line at the same degree as Mars, things should feel electrified. With Saturn moving through your 10th house of career for this entire year, I know you’ve been slowly building your future. Saturn wants you to make a commitment, give it your all and be certain not to cut any corners. The Gemini new moon on June 4th, happening opposite of Saturn, asks you to choose how you want to move forward. Look back and see exactly what you’ve been groomed to commit to and make a pledge to yourself this new moon. Then prepare for the full moon in your career house, happening on June 20th. Hot dang!

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