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e made it to May, a month that kicks off with five planets—Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto—in retrograde! Yup, all five. While this may slow things down, for sure– especially with Mars retrograde—the truth is, we don’t have to feel delayed (and certainly not in despair). May brings us lots of positive aspects to focus on as well. Early in the month, we have a fabulous Sun trine Jupiter aspect on May 2nd, hello joy. Further, on the 7th the Sun makes another stellar connection, this time to Pluto, instilling the day with exceptional power. Then drum roll please, Jupiter—the planet of good luck and good fortune—goes direct, while making a glorious trine to Venus on the 9th/10th. Fan-freaking-tastic. The sun departs steady, stable Taurus for whimsical Gemini on the 20th spurring our social life. On the 21st, we have the first of two Sagittarius full moons. This one happens at the same degree where Mars is in his retrograde motion, so please give yourself plenty of space this full moon to feel your emotions fully, and express them appropriately. And more good news, two days later on the 22nd, Mercury goes direct.

The last full week of the month brings a bit more clarity and focus. Just in time too: especially because on the 26th we have the final hoorah of the Jupiter-Saturn square that we’ve contended with since August 3, 2015. This square is the third of three challenging meet ups between Jupiter and Saturn and is meant to help us understand our big picture dream, as well as the details (and discipline) required to make it happen. Expect to receive a necessary download at the end of the month related to making your dream come true. Sobering as it may be, it’s essential to integrate this lesson. Doing so will accelerate your potential and velocity.

As we move past the halfway point between the equinox and the solstice, especially as we move through Mars and Mercury retrograde, we come to a time of year where evaluation and integration are essential. Use May to pause and reflect on your progress. Doing so gives you critical insight on how to tackle the second half of the year.



Strategize your Success with the Stars
For more insight into your astrological outlook,
book a private reading with Jennifer here.
Strategize your Success with the Stars
For more insight into your astrological outlook, book a private reading with Jennifer here.
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With the sun full throttle in Taurus for the first few weeks of the month in your second house of finances, you have money on your mind. This focus on money is amplified with Mercury (now retrograde until May 22) touring your second house of money and Venus asking you to own your worth. And, just in time. The Taurus new moon, happening on the 6th, opens up an opportunity for you to increase your earning power, expertly. Be sure to get into your miracle mindset this new moon, and make magic happen! Set firm intentions for your financial goals. I say all of this with a big caveat, though—with your ruler Mars retrograde, things may feel slow, and even challenging. If so, trust that everything is unfolding as it should! The full moon on the 21st in Sagittarius happens right next to Mars. Oooh, girl. Open up to receive vital life force energy and lunar love from the full moon then. Also, give yourself space to feel and release your emotions at that time too. The Sag full moon happens right in your house of big picture thinking and international travel. Pay close attention to what comes to fruition then, as it’s meant to expand your worldview and global reach.
Happy Birthday sweet Taurus. Luxury awaits you this month, as your ruler Venus tours your sign and makes a couple of exceptional aspects, particularly on the 10th and 13th. Let’s not forget the super friendly new moon, happening on the 6th, is also in Taurus. Use the combined power of Venus, the new moon and your birthday to call your dreams into fruition. On the 10th, the universe provides you with an opportunity to feel abundant with a capital A. On this day, Venus makes a remarkable connection to good luck Jupiter. Then come the 13th power fills your heart with a deep silent knowing of your innate, inherent worth. On this day Venus makes a lovely connection to Pluto, asking you to tap into your senses. You may even want to indulge in a self-care treat, like getting a massage. Challenges this month? Yup, they’re there, especially with Mercury retrograde in your sign. But don’t worry. All of this is just about learning to use your voice! Tap into your intuition and speak your truth. It’s time. The full moon in Sagittarius on the 21st, happening in your mysterious 8th house of joint resources, sex, and rebirth, suggests a resurrection is upon you.
I know, Mercury retrograde is one of your least favorite times of the year. Known for your fast speed and swift motion, the slow paced retrograde energy may feel a bit sleepy (and possibly even a bit cranky). But the good news is Mercury in retrograde is helping you to become exceptionally clear. Perfect timing. With your birthday just around the corner (and the new moon in Gemini coming June) you certainly need lucidity. You will emerge from Mercury’s retrograde tour of your 12th house all the stronger for it: clear and direct. Speaking of the 12th house, the friendly new moon on the 6th happens there (the house of spiritual development and intuition), suggesting this new moon is a time to tune in and listen. You’ll likely receive major intuitive hits that can radically change your life. If you need extra sleep, indulge it. Come the Sagittarius full moon on May 21st in your 7th house of partnerships, you’ll feel far more energized. By then, the sun will have moved into Gemini, and Mercury goes direct one day later. Until then, stay grounded, listen to intuition and expect spiritual guidance!
Life feels slow. While it’s true, from an astrological perspective, things are moving at a slower than average pace, and the upside is this tempo accelerates you in the long run. To make the most of it, allow yourself time to look backward and review the progress that has occurred in your life recently. What has worked? What hasn’t? How do you want to move forward? The positive Taurus new moon happening on the 6th, in your 11th house of hopes and wishes, accelerates your manifestation capacities exponentially. This Taurus new moon is the time to dive deep into your heart and get clear on what you consciously want to manifest: professionally and otherwise. On the 9th, Venus in your 11th house makes a glorious trine to Jupiter in your 3rd house, offering you even more support. Capitalize on this. Come the full moon on the 21st in Sagittarius, you’ll need to make a change to your work or health routine. This full moon happens in your 6th house of daily work and routines. It’s the first of two (the next one arrives in June). Assess your daily life and determine what needs to change. More on this next month.
This month brings good news for your career. With Venus in Taurus (one of her favorite signs) moving through your 10th house of fame and honors, you are capable of attracting some serious professional attention. The new moon in Taurus happening on the 6th helps you own this potential even more. Think big picture professional vision this new moon and set your intentions accordingly. Since Venus is also making stellar connections to Jupiter and Pluto too, you receive even more positive support during the following week as well. Hot damn! To top it off, Jupiter finally goes direct on the 9th in your house of money, a very positive event for you. However, there is a challenge here too. With Mercury retrograde (also in Taurus, your house of professional achievements) you have to slow down and tune into your intuition to make the most of these opportunities. Please do, or else you may miss a significant connection. Mercury goes direct on the 22nd, one day after the Sagittarius full moon. Be certain to tap into your creativity then as doing so presents an opportunity to have exponential growth. Also, don’t be afraid to feel your feelings and express them too.
Jupiter, the most benevolent planet in the solar system, who’s toured your sign since September 2015, finally wakes up from his retrograde rest this month on May 9th. Hooray. While this is a big deal for every sign, this is paramount for you. Why? Having Jupiter in your sign happens once in twelve years, and it’s meant to expand you into more abundance, truth and knowledge. So now that Jupiter is about to go direct, please get ready. Your life will pick up momentum—even with Mars retrograde until June 29th. Further, with the sun, Venus and Mercury all in your 9th house of international travel and philosophy (for most of the month), look out for opportunities to teach, speak, travel or publish. Pay attention to every email, as you never know the opportunity you may attract. When the sun moves into Gemini on the 20th (two days before Mercury goes direct), it crosses into your 10th house of fame and achievements amplifying your potential even more. Bring your A-game this month Virgo. The full moon in Sagittarius happening on the 21st in your 4th house of home happens at the same degree as Mars in retrograde. Make time this day then to move energy in your home. You may want to clear clutter so you can make space for the abundance you are attracting.
Is money on your mind? The grounding Taurus new moon on the 6th happens in your 8th house of money of others, making this a superb time to set firm intentions for your financial dreams. However, with Mercury retrograde in this exact part of your chart too, you may feel blurry when it comes to accounting. If so, take a deep breath and trust. Meanwhile, the sun (until the 20th) and Venus are also in this same financial part of your chart (the 8th house of shared resources), amplifying the topic of shared resources, commissions, lending and borrowing! Use the retrograde opportunity to feel into your finances and see if you intuitively get any downloads on how you want to build your net worth. As the month moves on, the full moon in Sagittarius asks you to dive deep into the resources of your mind. This full moon happens at the exact same degree in the sky that Mars is at—so expect to feel fire-fueled passion. Give yourself some space then to journal and discharge your emotions. You may be surprised by the insight you uncover. Doing so will set you up correctly to move forward with confidence when Mercury goes direct the very next day.
This month pay close attention to your relationships. As Mercury moves through your 7th house of partnerships, retrograde, along the side of Venus and the Sun (until the 20th) you are given tremendous support to help you navigate the waters of intimacy with others. While this celestial activity certainly has implications for your romantic relationships, your business relationships (including your relationships with your clients) will be impacted too. Thankfully the grounded Taurus new moon on the 6th opens up new doors for you when it comes to working well with others. What do you want to create? How do you want to partner with others? Are you looking to attract new clients? Be sure to set powerful intentions that reflect your desires. The Sagittarius full moon on 21st (the first of two) illuminates your financial life. Pay close attention to your income streams and profit margins. With so much retrograde mayhem, you may feel a bit frazzled at the time of the full moon, especially because it’s conjunct Mars. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to own your worth and express your emotions. It’s essential to you fully stepping into your power.
This month your ruler, Jupiter, finally goes direct. Retrograde since January 7th, Jupiter awakens in a big way on the 9th—further saturating your 10th house of professional accolades with esteem. Awesome. One day later, he and Venus share a beneficial exchange that further amplifies your professional potential; so definitely pay close attention to what happens the second week of the month. With Mars and Saturn both retrograde in your sign, your evolution is full throttle, even if you feel extremely stifled. (Which honestly, you may!) However, hosting Mars in your sign (even when he’s retrograde) provides momentum. On the flip side, pay attention to any shadow feelings like anger and rage and tend to them appropriately. They too are divine messages here to support you and make the most of the retrograde season. Meanwhile, retrograde Saturn asks you to find your highest level of discipline and focus. I can’t say it enough, trust this! It’s divinely guiding you exactly to where you need to be. Speaking of expansion, this month you have a fire fueled full moon in your sign too (the first of two). This full moon happens at the same degree as Mars, so expect to feel feisty. Pay close attention to what comes up for you then, and don’t be afraid to claim what you want to create (and let go of) in your life. This full moon illuminates the culmination of intentions you set long ago. Use it wisely.
This month kicks off with Venus, the Sun and Mercury in your 5th house of romance, creativity, and play. Are you taking advantage? Even with Mercury retrograde you can quickly tap into your natural wonder and powerhouse creativity to make some strides. Maybe you even want to blow off work all together to have some serious fun? If so, go for it. Allowing you to take a beat may be just what the doctor ordered. Feeling stifled when it comes to expressing freedom in this way? Set firm intentions for breakout creativity on the new moon in Taurus on the 6th, which also happens in your 5th house of creativity. The theme of stepping off the treadmill continues as the month moves on. The Sagittarius full moon, happening in your 12th house of spiritual insight, asks you to retreat and tune into your inner knowing. With Mars and Saturn both retrograde in this same aspect of your chart, developing your inner knowing, spiritual insight (and the capacity to rejuvenate) are massive lessons for you now. Don’t fight this rhythm. Instead, go with the flow and trust. Next month we have a second full moon in Sagittarius, so be sure to work productively with this theme, as we will visit it again next month.
The month kicks off with Venus, the planet of love on the cusp of the third and fourth house of your solar chart. With Venus here you experience an intense bolt of love to your entire system. Awesome. Following this, the new moon on the 6th happens in your fourth house of home and family. This new moon opens you up to new possibilities to support the foundation of your career. Then, Jupiter (touring your house of money from others) goes direct on the 9th, right before making a promising connection to Venus—at that point in your 4th house too, offering you the potential to up-level with elegance. Pay attention to potential money coming in, as it has the possibility to multiply. The Sagittarius full moon on the 21st happening in your 11th house of friendship and manifestation shines a light on the hard work you’ve put in on behalf of your dreams. Use this fire-fueled full moon happening at the same degree in the sky as Mars in retrograde, to evaluate your progress and to discern the changes that still require execution. This may have implications for your social media marketing or any group programs you lead. Allow your deepest desires to surface and then get to work on their behalf. There’s no time like the present to change. Let go of what you know you need to!
How are you doing with all the professional opportunities coming your way? Hosting Mars in your solar tenth house—even when retrograde—can bring quite a bit of attention and opportunity, helping you to make solid professional headway. In addition to Mars, Saturn—the planet of structure and discipline (also retrograde in your 10th house of accomplishment, achievement and accolades)—brings intensity and focus to your career endeavors. All of this sounds awesome, right? It is. But here’s what you have to watch out for this month. With so much retrograde activity, you may feel a bit off. Things may feel slow and even in reverse. Others may be frustrated too. Since you are incredibly empathetic, you pick up on this, big time. So be sure to assert your boundaries this month! The Sagittarius full moon happens directly on your career line on the 21st—this is huge. You may attract even more attention, (and possibly jealousy), so it’s necessary to use boundaries. If you’re not feeling the positive professional momentum, stay focused and follow your intuition. Sometimes Saturn, especially when retrograde, brings delays. But know that astrologically you are supported, even if it requires patience and hard work. Next month, we will have a second full moon in Sagittarius, also happening in your 10th house of success. More on that in June.

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